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EVS FoulSim - AI based

EVS launches game-changing FoulSim, an AI-based service designed to detect foul simulation in soccer

Liège, Belgium, April 1, 2021

EVS, the leader in live technology for broadcast and new media productions, today announces the launch of its FoulSim detector, a cloud-based service that is set to revolutionize soccer. Integrating seamlessly into EVS’ Xeebra refereeing system, the service scans camera footage to automatically detect whether or not a player is feigning injury or pain.

FoulSim functions with the use of machine learning algorithms that scan the players’ face, looking for valid expressions of pain characterized by a lowering of the eyebrows, squeezing of the eyes, wrinkling of the nose, raising of the upper lip and opening of the mouth. After analyzing these facial movements, the FoulSim detector rates the intensity of the pain on a five-point scale from non-existent, weak, medium, strong, very strong.



April, who regularly referees at a club she’d rather not name, said: ‘It’s very hard sometimes to discern pain in a player’s face so the innovative service will be a great help for us when we only have seconds to make game-changing decisions. EVS’ foul simulation detector will help us understand whether there truly is foul, or if we’re just being taken for fools…”