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Connected Content Platform

Jump start your multimedia offerings with a SaaS cloud based platform that scales your current infrastructure to the needs of tomorrow.



When you need to manage new immersive Video on Demand (VoD) for a live event, and you don’t know what is needed, turn to C-Cast.   C-Cast is a turnkey Software-as-a-Service platform that enables content owners to maximize the value of their media by connecting live content with production teams, brand owners and final viewers. C-Cast is a series of cloud- hosted tools which can scale to the global delivery needs of the world’s multinational sports events, or a small single-venue concert.  Let the flexibility of the cloud provide a bridge from your existing live workflows to new consumer-based production, and create content franchises that can be monetized in new ways. The changing world of consumer media is moving at a pace that is unprecedented, and you need tools that can enable this evolving base of fans.  C-Cast will let you connect content in the right format, in the right delivery method, to the right screen in the way that the next generation of consumers is expecting to digest it.  Give them multicamera VoD at the pace of your live event production.


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Turn Key SaaS Platform

With a Software-as-a-Service approach, you can collapse the time to market to offer a new range of content.  C-Cast wraps up all production complexity - from transcoding and delivery to mobile devices to CDN for scalable delivery, and the tools to manage and monitor the action – all tied to your live event production.

Efficient publishing portal for Live Assets

Your web CMS cannot keep up with the demands of a live production like C-Cast, especially when you multiply the number of cameras used today. Through simple, efficient web-based publishing panels, the right staff can review and approve content in a manner of seconds and keep your new consumers engaged on their devices.

Open API with C-Cast APPlied partner Apps

Whether you’d like to add content to an existing app, or are looking for one of our proven APPlied partner’s creative solutions, the C-Cast API allows our content pipeline to be easily integrated into any workflow, empowering the right business decision.. Enable more content and keep it relevant through metadata.

Monetize your existing EVS servers

At EVS, we don’t believe it makes sense to bring extra hardware encoders and people to a live event just to drive more content to your website or consumer app.  This is why we built C-Cast to link to your existing EVS servers and deliver better ROI for the content that you are already recording on EVS perpetual recording engines.


    • Cloud hosted SaaS platform
  • C-Cast Central
    • Optional : Turn-key Cloud transcoding for delivery
    • Optional: Turn-key CDN services
  • C-Cast Publisher
    • Web portal for managing published content
    • Requires Chrome Web Browser
  • C-Cast Agent
    • Software for managing contribution of content from Live event
    • Requires EVS Live Production Servers
    • Requires 1 or 10Gbps Media network
    • Requires PC Lan management access
    • Hosted on a C-Cast Agent Hardware Platform
  • C-Cast IPConnect
    • Software linking EVS IPDirector content management to C-Cast SaaS
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