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The Epsio 1U Hardware hosts the Epsio family tools platform for adding compelling graphic effects, high definition zoom and synchronized data insertion into your storytelling.



The Epsio Hardware is a 1U platform that hosts the extended tools of the Epsio family of solutions.  Through a series of licenses, the Epsio Hardware opens up new capabilities for the LSM operator to tell better stories through augmented graphics and perform them in the first replay.  The Epsio Hardware has an integrated I/O card for all video in and out, as well as an Ethernet connection to discover and link to the existing EVS Live Production server like the XT4K, XT3 or XTnano series.  This small 1 Rack Unit add-on brings much more power than its size would imagine.


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Add augmented graphics in a small space

When it comes to adding power to your LSM highlights, replays and storytelling, EPSIO packs a punch.  And with the 1U form factor, it does not have to occupy a lot of space in the rack. The 1U Epsio Hardware can enable all the EVS Production Servers performing replays, from XTNano to XT3 and XT4K series.

Built for the OB truck environment

Live production demands execution, and you expect EVS reliability.  EPSIO is an EVS designed and build hardware offering which is made to stand the test of shipments and mobile OB truck usage.

One hardware for 4 live tools

With one system, you can flexibly meet various needs of graphics add-ons for live production.  With the ability to be licensed for all the EPSIO family, this 1U can bring you EPSIO Live, EPSIO Paint, EPSIO FX, and with optional hardware for EPSIO Zoom and Epsio Live 4K usage.


  • EPSIO Server - EPS1-4200S
    • OS: Windows 7 Pro 64bit
    • CPU: Single 10 Cores
    • Display Card: 4x Display Port
    • USB: 2.0 and 3.0 connectors
    • RS232 connector
    • Time Code Input (XLR)
  • HD:
    • 2x HD-SDI In / 2 HD-SDI Out
    • 1x REF Genlock Input
    • Video Standards Supported : SD 525, 625 - HD 720p 50/59.94, 1080i 50/59.94
  • UHD:
    • 1x UHD-SDI in / 1 UHD-SDI Out
    • 1x REF Genlock Input
    • 1x HD-SDI Output (still preview)
    • Video Standards Supported : 1080p, 50/59.94, 8bits/10bits - 4K 2SI, 50/59.94, 8bits/10bits - 4K SqD 50/59.94, 8bits/10bits
Download all specifications

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