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Inbound FIle Ingest. Simplified. Fast.

Inbound file workflows should be easy for the user and leverage your backend systems to speed your access to content.



Ingesting files into your production workflows has become a nightmare due to the myriad of file wrappers, formats, codecs, metadata, and processors that you need to consider when moving your files into your teams’ hands. Ingest Funnel is a unique portal and single interface that solves file ingest nightmares. Ingest Funnel easily transforms, legalizes and masters all ingest formats and content into your content production chain. The system provides a simple HTML interface for viewing the media files, then analyzes content and automatically selects the right tool for processing, whether it is an EVS solution or third-party component.


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Multi-Client interfaces using HTML5 Web UI

As files arrive into your live production center, you should not be restricted to working at one workstation.  Ingest Funnel allows you to mount ENG drives or access incoming files and review them with a simple web interface on your desktop. You can enable your file selections and visual review to occur anywhere inside your facility.

Controls EVS XSquare or 3rd Party tools

We know that today’s media enterprise has a host of tools to process different files, and in a few cases, EVS Xsquare may not convert every file format.  Ingest Funnel was built to empower both EVS and 3rd party systems to enable robust workflows and backend processes that can be transparent to your users.

BPM Workflow Designer

Reduce the complexity for your production team, and free your engineers from dealing with manage creative intent.  Ingest Funnel allows your IT and engineers to design complex workflow to fit your business, and enable simplicity and speed for your production teams.

Asset muxing

When you have existing MAM systems or want to build a workflow to manage files that must be paired, you need a sophisticated solution.  Ingest Funnel allows you to build workflows that can multiplex media files and metadata files to ensure that you are delivering the right combination of files to a system that expects a certain format.

File Analysis

How much time does your staff spend just trying to identify which files on are a disk, and where they can plug in the disks to be processed correctly?  Ingest Funnel does it all for you.  The system  allows file-based workflows to be built that ensure that files are sent either to the correct transform engine or to the next step, without any mistakes.


  • Ingest sources:
    • ENG: Sony XDCam, Sony XAVC, Panasonic P2 AVC-Ultra, Canon XF-Series, GoPro 3 & 4 (progressive)
    • Files: EVS MXF, Quicktime Movies, MP4, MXF AS-11 (UK DPP), MXF AS-10
    • VTR capture (using OCHD Server)
  • Workflow Management:
    • BPMN 2.0 support
    • BPM Activities (Analyzer & QC Activities, File Analyzer, Check & Legalization, Auto QC using Interra Baton™)
    • Transform Activities (XSquare & OpenCube Server, File Processing using Telestream Vantage ™, Audio Processing using eMotion Systems ™)
    • Notifications (email)