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Instant access to live content for Adobe editors

IPLink gives Adobe editors instant access to EVS live content for faster turnaround and better storytelling.



IP Link gives Adobe Premier Pro CC editors instant access to EVS live content for faster turnaround and better storytelling, The IP Link plugin panel provides direct access to the clip elements that are made available for editing by IPDirector while the live event is taking place, without the editor having to move or copy files to the local storage. Editors can quickly search for clip elements based upon the IPDirector metadata (Clips, Bins, Logs), and are able to preview and use the associated files directly from the shared storage, without having to worry about the ancillary technical tasks associated with manually locating and importing file-based material. The advanced level of integration provided by the IPLink plugin gives Adobe Premiere Pro CC editors an innovative and seamless workflow, allowing more time for creativity.


Importer panel

Real-time view of EVS Live Content Management available for PPro editors

Allow editors to reference content from EVS world into the edit software

Exporter panel

Allow editors to push new contents back to EVS world

Ensures that edits are flattened to the right place in the right format


No need to move your content to the local edit storage.  IPLink gives the editor the speed and consistency of direct access to shared storage, with the searchability and visibility of the IPDirector content management platform.


  • Supported on Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X platforms
    • Microsoft Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 (64 bit)
    • Mac OS X v10.7 or v.10.8
  • Ethernet-based connectivity
  • Software compatibility
    • Multicam v11.00+
    • IPDirector v6.15+
    • XTAccess v1.19+
    • Adobe Premiere Pro CC v7.x +