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Enable Production from Anywhere

Bring the production content to your fingertips, and save on travel costs by enabling web browser access to live production content.



IPWeb provides remote browsing while facilitating the search for content in the IPDirector database from a distance : transfer your IPD content and not your people. With IPWeb, we offer remote access to content that enables your staff to easily produce high quality programs without leaving base, leveraging EVS’s industry leading sport content production management suite IPDirector. See the application note for more info.


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Web browser access

Extend your teams reach whether they are 1 mile or thousands of miles away.  IPWeb provides your teams the ability to access, browse, gather, and deliver content from the IPDirector managed Live Production Content system, using a simple Web Browser.

Deliver to Post Production

Live content is critical, and using it in storytelling should be easy.  IPWeb allows editors a simple way to search for IPDirector managed content, and deliver the selected media as a rough cut EDL with media, in a simple easy interface.

Collect, Review and Enrich

IPWeb provides the user a consistent, and easy interface to search and collect content, review it with the integrated player window, and to define and enrich the selected clips with the appropriate metadata to fulfill the production workflow.


  • Run on any windows or MAC OS and validated for the following browsers: IE 10.0 - Safari 6.0 - Requires MS silverlight v 5.1 plugin
  • Supports up to 100 concurrent users
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