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Fast track your MXF development

MXFTk® is a professional developer toolkit that facilitates the integration of emerging MXF file formats.



The MXF Toolkit offers you the instruments for mastering MXFfile formats with ease and efficiency, providing a cost-effective solution for streamlined file-based workflows. MXFTk® is the result of intensive research and development as well as ongoing compliance with SMPTE standards. Its numerous features allow you to create, view and manipulate MXF files, transport metadata and secure media exchange interoperability. MXFTk® has been widely adopted by major players in the digital video and film industry, including manufacturers, software companies, integrators, post-production houses and broadcasters.


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MXF Interoperability

MXFTk® manages all types of operational patterns (OP) and descriptive metadata. The OpenCube toolkit offers MXF-controlled support and guaranteed interoperability with almost all products currently on the market, saving you both time and trouble.

Multi Platform SDK

The OpenCube MXF C++ Toolkit is a complete API that runs on Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac platforms. The software allows you to generate, manipulate and partially restore all MXF files, whatever their wrapped essence format.

AMWA Support

With industry leading support of the AMWA shims such as AS-02, AS-03 and AS-11 DPP, MXFTk ensures that you can meet the needs of the packaging, versioning and delivery formats being employed.


  • Multi-platform C++ API: Windows, Mac (Intel – PowerPC), Linux, Unix (32-bit & 64-bit)
  • Support for all Operational Pattern (OP) – from Op1a to Op3c, Op-Atom, Op1b ext. ref.
  • AS-02, AS-03 and AS-11 (with DPP metadata) wrapping
  • AMT (Avid Media Tookit) available for MXF Avid compliant file generation
  • D-Cinema (DCI) support: DCP creation
  • Essence encryption
  • Metadata updating
  • MXF S436M VBI and VANC wrapping
  • MXF partial restore (GOP accurate with long-gop essence)
  • MXF interoperability available with: XDCAM® (Opt. & SxS), P2, P2HD, etc…
  • IMF Application 2 support