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More cameras at a fraction of the cost

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AI-based camera automation system

Overcam is an AI-based system which automates key camera positions of your sports productions allowing extra coverage at lower operational costs. Using robotized cameras and advanced machine learning techniques, the system performs a smart tracking of the game that goes beyond simple automation and delivers the high-quality shots that viewers expect. 

  • BAM awards finalist badge
  • Digital Media World Gold Winner Award 2019

Core benefits

  • Rich and high-quality storytelling

    Overcam gives broadcasters more shots to work with, even when faced with budget constraints or when the right skill set is not available. And because the system is designed to mimic the movement of human operators, this ensures a natural-looking framing of the action from all camera positions.

  • Seamless integration with live tools

    Thanks to its real-time processing, Overcam can be used within traditional broadcast productions, for an ideal combination of both autonomous and human-operated cameras.

  • Minimized footprint

    The small footprint of the robotized cameras means you avoid having to ‘kill’ seats that are required by broadcasters and can position them in constrained locations to capture additional and more unique viewpoints.

Key features

  • Supported sport: football (soccer)
  • Camera positions: Hi-Central, Offside-Left, Offside-Right, Hi-Tactical
  • Automatic calibration for quick deployment
  • 8 configurable presets positions per camera

Main Applications