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With Truck Manager, it’s full speed ahead.

Get the trucks configured in record time with a fast and centralized way, remotely or on-site.



Truck Manager gets trucks up and running in record time by providing a simple, fast and centralized way to configure an EVS system for live productions, remotely or on-site.   The sofware application dratically reduces mistakes, and settings can be stored and recalled for future setups.

Truck Manager can be installed on any Windows 7 computer. From the EVS network, it detects all EVS products, eliminates IP address issues and quickly allows the network to be setup to meet the needs of the production team. For big events, configurations can be created in advance and trucks can be linked and setup in seconds.


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It speeds up the set-up by putting all the variables in an ergonomic interface designed to suit the changing environment of the truck. This drastically reduces mistakes and makes misconfigured equipment obvious.


Once established, settings are stored and can be recalled at any time. A completely different crew can set the environment perfectly first time every time.


Truck Manager helps optimize operational costs by providing a simple, fast and centralized way to configure an EVS system for live production, in mobile units.


Truck Manager is a software application which can be installed on any Windows 7 computer, such as the engineer’s laptop in a typical truck. Provided it is on the same network as the EVS equipment it will detect all products, get rid of any IP address issues and allow the network to be set up to meet the needs of the production.


  • Can be installed in any Windows 7 computer
  • Truck.Manager 1.0 is compatible with
    • Multicam 12.05.5x and greater
    • Xfile3 4.07 and greater
    • MultiReview 1.2 and greater
    • LSM Connect 2.02 and greater