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Modular Production for News & Sport

A complete set of tools for modern news and sport highlights programs production

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EVS Xedio is a modular application suite for news and sport productions that provides all tools and integration facilities to easy fit existing infrastructure and match in place workflows. As part of the suite, CleanEdit offers unmatched editing features and supports the simultaneous use of SD and HD media in any of the latest broadcast file format without any transcoding needs. The development of Xedio solution always stayed focused on third party integration such as MOS, graphics engines, archive systems, automation, external MAM or ESB and post-production tools that are always present in customer’s premises.


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Virtual NLE Virtual NLE with real time effects, 3rd party graphics, voiceover and internal CG.
Edit in place Edit in place capability with devices such as Sony, Panasonic or Canon camcorders or drives.
Scene Change Detection Background Scene Change Detection on all incoming proxy.
Integration REST API for third party integration.


  • Fastest end-to-end modular production suite based on hires (+proxy) virtual workflows.
  • Fastest end-to-end modular production suite based on hires (+proxy) virtual workflows. * SD/HD multi-formats and multi-resolutions with latest broadcast file formats.
  • Workflow and content management with custom metadata definition.
  • Third-party integration: MOS, Graphics, Archive, MAM, Automation, Post-production...