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High-Performance Shared Storage FOR LIVE.

Highly integrated shared storage suited for EVS Live & non-Live production workflows


Live production is too important to leave your operations to the luck of a shared storage solution that may not meet your live production needs.  EVS designed its range of XStore high-performance central shared storage solutions to intelligently address the ever-growing challenges that come with managing video content and related data storage for Live & non-Live content access. XStore guarantees optimal levels of speed and storage capacity, working seamlessly with EVS production and content management tools and allowing editorial clients to directly access content. Whether used for live broadcast production, post production or asset management, EVS has the ideal shared storage solution to fit your technical and budgetary needs. 


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Built for Live Production

EVS Live Content solutions are built to exceed your needs of Live production, and XStore is a key component of our solution.  As a cornerstone beneath the editorial tools that your staff will use to produce more and faster stories.  EVS tests and ensures that our products tightly interoperate with the shared storage to let you focus back on the workflows and productions themselves.

High Scalability

XStore is based on a fully distributed scale-out architecture, resulting in increased performance as additional storage nodes are added. As the system is expanded, bandwidth and capacity increase linearly, improving access speed to content already existing on the system.

Optimized for Media Workflow

Your editors need access to content, and your workflows cannot be impaired by having multiple silos of content storage.  XStore enables live ingest of content and user access for collaborative editing for Live production.  Put your content into the hands editors with the tools to expose the content in a shared environment. With operations that enable EVS editing tools like CleanEdit, or 3rd party like Adobe, Avid and Apple editors.

Simple and Cost-Effective

Based on standard hardware components and cost-effective Ethernet technology, XStore is economical to purchase and maintain. There’s no need for file system reconfiguration as you scale, or for file system defragmentation as the file system ages.

Reliability and Availability

XStore systems have no single point of failure, and leverage features such as dual active-active controllers with transparent failover, redundant data paths to protect against storage node failures, and transparent client failover to protect against controller failures. No down time is required even for activities such as software and firmware upgrades or adding storage nodes.


  • Distributed file system
  • From 24TB to PetaBytes of usable capacity
  • SMB, FTP, NFS access through additional NAS head
  • 4U-24 disks or 5U-84 disks enclosures
  • 2TB, 4TB or 6TB enterprise SAS drives
  • RAID4 or RAID6 configurations