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XT3 ChannelMAX brings 4K support and unique scaling capability to Korea’s leading OB van provider


Digital Solutions & Services Co., Ltd. (D2S) is an established broadcasting system integrator, successfully designing and implementing broadcast systems in the region for the past 16 years. In 2007, D2S started an outside broadcast (OB) rental business with five fully outfitted OB vans and is now one of the largest HD OB van operators in Korea.

The company provides state-of the-art broadcasting equipment, including EVS XT3 replay systems to regional producers and broadcasters, including KBS, South Korea’s Public Broadcaster for its live coverage of the Korea Baseball League. 


Digital Solutions and Services prides itself in providing the market’s most advanced equipment to meet live production needs. With the explosion of new production formats, content types and high frame rate cameras, the company sought to expand its capabilities and add to its market-leading, EVS-based live production offerings.  

“Our customers trust us to provide the most advanced live production tools on the market. And that means EVS. We have an established relationship with EVS and building upon industry-standard solutions in our trucks is a constant process.”

Jin Gyu CHOI, Technical Director - Digital Solutions & Services 


The ChannelMAX mode of the iconic XT3 server combines legendary EVS speed and reliability with new ability to expand channel capacity through Multicam engine software updates. The XT3 supports up to 12 HD channels with flexible configuration and provides secure multi-channel ingest capabilities for audio/video content from any source, including cameras, super/hyper motion cameras, satellite, craft editors, graphic tools, video recorders or video tape recorders.

ChannelMAX can grow alongside production needs, doubling its channel capacity while occupying the same amount of space for the ultimate production flexibility.  More power, efficiency and capabilities packed into the space-confined OB enables the company to meet any kind of live production need with support for more than 15 cameras. 


The company’s decision to add XT3 ChanelMAX servers has meant new value and benefits for its customers. This new server delivers the utmost power, speed and reliability to live production, particularly within the limited confines of the OB environment.  

“We like to be at the forefront of innovation,” said Jin Gyu CHOI, Technical Director at D2S. “Providing support for new standards and innovations like ultra HD and 4K zooming with EVS-standard reliability is as important for our business as it is for our customers.”

The XT3 ChannelMAX is also the market’s most sophisticated server. Native support of all codecs and for every SuperMotion camera on the market enables D2S to enhance storytelling through two, three, four, six, eight or ten time SuperMotion. Unlike other systems, the XT3 features expandable storage through a choice of onboard and externally expandable options for up to 350+ hours in HD at 100Mbps.

The XT3 production server is complemented by a set of live and near- live hardware and software production tools, providing users with a fine-tuned solution for accessing and managing media. IPDirector and LSM Remote give full control of the XT3 server for ingest, slow motion replays, metadata management, production network control, on-the-fly editing, media transfer, and playout.

Best of all, the XT3 ChannelMAX is available in 6U or 4U to evolve with every possible live production need – now and in the future. 

Brandon Meier, Assistant AD of Broadcast Operations , SoonerVision