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SLA Program

With you every step of the way

At EVS we strive to provide our customers with best-in-class customer service and support at all times. Your full satisfaction about our products and services is our top priority. Therefore, we have developed a service level agreement program that guarantees smooth-running operations, uptime maximization, secured investments and better control of your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

To meet customers' specific needs and budget, EVS offers two levels of support services: Advanced and Premium


Support Services

Advanced package

Premium package

Access to knowledge base (Procedures, Tutorials, EOL)
Incident case/tracking (by priority) PRIORITY
24/7 telephone support PRIORITY
Product Change Request Available for MI Equipment only PRIORITY
Remote system health check 1/year 4/year
Onsite technical intervention 72 hours 24 hours (3)
Technical account manager Option (1)
Access to software updates
Access to software upgrades
Alerts about updates and upgrades ⚫ (1)
Remote update / upgrade assistance
Advance exchange of parts 3 Business days 1 Business day
Free replacements of parts
Hardware upgrade (Same generation) - XT-VIA & XS-VIA Option
Onsite spare parts Option (2)

(1) Option non available for MI Equipment.

(2) Option non available for Dyvi and Neuron.

(3) Onsite technical intervention within 24h can not be guaranteed in all areas. Please check with your account manager for more information.


  • All SLA services are subject to conditions (see details in sections below).
  • "Premium" SLA is not available for MI Equipment
  • SLA service do not cover "Synapse" product



Any capitalized term shall have the meanings as set forth hereunder.

  • "Office Days" means Monday to Friday (except for Customers located in the Middle East for which the Office Days mean Sunday to Thursday), excluding public holidays in the country from where the SLA Services are provided (EVS support center).
  • "Office Hours" means 9AM to 6PM - and for MI Equipment only, 9AM to 5:00PM - in the applicable time zone of the country from where the SLA Services are provided (EVS support center).
  • "Commencement Date" is the start date for any SLA Service commitment as communicated by EVS to Customer.
  • "Covered Site(s)" means the site(s) where the Equipment is located at the signature of this SLA as agreed between EVS and Customer.
  • ...

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overall support services

In the event of an Incident, and upon reporting of such Incident, EVS will use its commercially reasonable efforts to provide the SLA Services that are available under the applicable SLA Service Level according to the procedure and within the response time set forth hereunder it being understood that the conditions for SLA services provision listed below shall be met at all time. 


  • 1. Access to knowledge base 

  • 2. Support channels 

  • 3. Incident case tracking (by priority) 

  • 4. 24/7 Telephone SLA Hotline Service 

  • 5. Remote system health check 

  • 6. Onsite technical intervention 

  • 7. Technical Account Manager 

  • 8. Product Change Request 


Software Support


  • 1. Access to software updates 

  • 2. Access to Software Upgrades 

  • 3. Software Update/Upgrade Assistance (remotely) 


Hardware Support


  • 1. Advance exchange of parts, repair or free replacement parts 

  • 2. Hardware Upgrade subscription (same generation) - XT-VIA / XS-VIA 

  • 3. Onsite Spare Parts 


Escalation process

EVS shall provide SLA Services as follows:

  • EVS SLA Services are triggered through the reporting of the incident by Customer to EVS, it being understood that:
    • Severity Level 1 and 2 Incident can only be reported through EVS Hotline; and
    • Severity Level 3 Incident can only be reported either through EVS Web Portal.
  • The first assistance is provided by EVS through EVS Hotline, EVS Web Portal or EVS Mail;
  • In the event that the above does not enable EVS to find a satisfactory solution to the reported Incident, EVS shall provide remote diagnostic access (i.e. VPN or other means agreed between EVS and the customer);
  • In the event that the above does not enable EVS to find a satisfactory solution to the reported Incident, EVS shall provide Onsite Technical Intervention and/or specific Hardware and/or Software Assistance.

The above EVS assistance may be provided by a local partner of EVS for the provision of certain front-line SLA Services.


For further details or a quotation, please contact your EVS sales representative.


Please note that our SLA are subject to our general terms and conditions of sales.