EVS cyber-security white paper
  • 29 June 2021
  • 5 steps to make live production workflows cyber-secure

The transition to IP is undoubtedly delivering significant benefits to broadcasters and media organisations worldwide. Today, sports and live production companies – the early adopters driven by fierce market demand for high-quality coverage anywhere and anytime - successfully showcase the flexibility, scalability and speed provided by IP infrastructure and accelerated by the pandemic, the agility remote IP production offers. 

Across industries where IP infrastructure is mature, cyber-security is a business priority with enterprise-scale threat protection technologies deployed to mitigate risks to operations. For media organisations new to IP and with prime-time coverage and huge global audiences to protect, security must now be considered a critical component in their supply chains. 

However, the dynamic nature of live broadcast environments - where the focus is on high-performance and low latency and where no production is the same - makes implementing security measures particularly complex. 

In this paper, we explore the steps broadcasters and media organisations should take to protect themselves from the disruption of cyber-attacks and how to keep their live services safe and on-air.