Haivision Makita X4 Encoder and Decoder

Remote operations made possible with Makito X4

Thanks to streaming technologies such as the Secure Reliable Transport protocol (SRT), which was originally developed and pioneered by Haivision, you can safely stream the best quality video over the most unreliable networks with low latency.

With the combined strength of Haivision’s Makito X4 video encoders and decoders and EVS’ LSM-VIA live replay and highlights system it is possible to have all your replay operators working from remote locations. For replay operators it is essential to have the Multiview output of the production server on a screen in front of them with a very low latency and with high enough quality to be able to identify details of events swiftly.

LSM-VIA close up

Haivision and EVS developed a solution to:

  • Allow operators to create live replays and highlights from the home-offices using public networks
  • Securely transmit high quality video (e.g. multiviewer outputs) over unreliable and unpredictable public networks with very low-latency
  • Decentralize production so that not everyone and everything needs to be present and installed at the production site

Key Features of Haivision Makito X4

  • H.264/HEVC encoding and decoding up to 4K

  • Native Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol

  • Sub-100ms encoding-decoding latency

  • Small form factor

  • Remote monitoring through free mobile application

LSM-VIA Remote control
EVS LiveCeption Signature allows your operators to create replays and highlights remotely from the XT-VIA production servers, using an IP connection. In combination with Haivision's Low Latency encoders and decoders, the operator has a clear view on for instance the Multiviewer Output of the XT-VIA as well, allowing him to create live replays in real-time without lag.

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