Training details

  • Product LSM-VIA
  • Category Live Replay & Storytelling

1 day



Course objectives

This course provides the operator with an operational overview of the XT-VIA Server and the LSM-VIA Remote Control Panel, the basics in the operation of the system in a Sports Replay workflow as well as some advanced options. This training is specifically aimed at experienced replay operators that need to discover the differences between LSM-VIA and the legacy remote (LSM)

Target group

Experienced replay operators


Several years of experience working with EVS’ legacy remote (LSM)

Course content
  • Presentation and overview of the system hardware & software (architecture and deployment)
  • Overview of the LSM-VIA product developments
  • Presentation of the major differences in terms of features between LSM-VIA and LSM (record train, shotbox, export, programmable shortcuts)
  • Description of the LSM-VIA Viewer application (clip grid, search interface, playlist panel)
  • Description of the MultiReview Mode
  • Description of the differences between LSM-VIA settings and Multicam Operation settings

NOTE: alongside this instructor led training course, we have different tools (videos, tutorials) on our website to discover the new features and functionalities of LSM-VIA

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