Training details

  • Product LSM-XT
  • Category Live Replay & Storytelling

2 days


English (other languages on request)

Course objectives

This course provides a refresher and update of the operator's knowledge and the advanced features in the operation of the LSM-XT series servers. After this module, the trainee will be able to operate the XT server in Sport Replay and Sport Highlights editing workflows.

Target group

Experienced LSM operators, highlight editors


Having previously attended the LSM-XT Basic Operational training or built up an equivalent experience in the basic operation of the LSM modes.  

Course content
  • Refresher and update of the basic operations of the system and the Setup Menu parameters involved in the Basic training
  • Description of the Multicam software and configuration screens to enable an operational check of the system and a basic monitoring
  • Description of the network connectivity (SDTI and GigE networks)
  • Advanced clip management functionalities (e.g. ranking clips, special playback speeds, goto timecode, sort TC, etc…)
  • Advanced playlist management functionalities (e.g. split audio, audio swap, replace function, etc…)
  • Description of the Timeline editing functionnality for advanced edits
  • Keyword Management : keywords files, keywords operation (with the Remote Panel or with the VGA screen)
  • Description of the LSM Connect for clips and playlists management
  • Description of specific options like Paint mode, Target mode and Split screen
  • Practical exercises on the different subjects


Price (VAT excl. if applicable)

500 EUR

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