Training details

  • Product IPD-VIA/XS-NEO
  • Category Asset & workflow management

1 day


English (other languages on request)

Course objectives

This course provides the engineer with an introduction to the MediaCeption Prime solution, a global overview of its different components and a basic description of the different areas and applications of the user interface. It will also provide all information needed to enable the engineer to perform an installation/upgrade and configuration of the solutions’ components (IPD-VIA/XS-NEO) in the framework of the solution. And finally describe all tools that will enable the engineer to monitor, perform basic troubleshooting on the solution and report relevant information (e.g. logs) to the EVS technical support teams.

Target group

Technical managers and engineers in charge of the support of the solution.


A good understanding of computer systems and network 
principles is required.  

Course content

1. Course introduction and presentation of the training program 

2. MediaCeption Prime solution introduction and operational overview 

  • Presentation of the solution and its main components 

  • Description of the XS-NEO video server’s key features 

  • Presentation of the IPD-VIA Solution 

  • Design and architecture 

  • Presentation of the IPD-VIA Apps’ user interfaces, widgets and customizable layouts 

  • Introduction to the VIA Apps and workflow design possibilities  

  • Overview of the Applications and their main functionalities 

3. Installation and configuration 

  • Description of the installation procedures of IPD-VIA and XS-NEO 

  • Description of the configuration possibilities of the solutions to enable the flexible ingest workflow: 

  • IPD-VIA 

  • XS-NEO 

  • C-Next 

  • Description of the configuration of services supporting the solution 

4. Support, monitoring and troubleshooting 

  • Description of the different monitoring interfaces in the platform console for XS-NEO (dashboard, health check of the system, metrics, docker status, version information) 

  • Description of the different monitoring interfaces in the platform console for IPD-VIA (dashboard, docker status, services, version information) 

  • Debugging tools: logs, kafka debugger, workflow window, remote connection, time reference, licensing and existing scripts 

  • Explanations on some known issues and solutions 

  • Description of reporting processes and tools (Customer Support Portal) in case of issues

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