Complete control for smooth, efficient and agile operations

Crews working in mission critical environments need to make sure everything is running the way it should be, to ensure the content is delivered to audiences in the smoothest way possible.  However, given the sheer number of live feeds that have to be dealt with as well as the increasing complexity of modern-day technological setups, this is not always an easy task.  Leveraging the latest technologies, EVS’ solutions for transmission, playout and master control operations are designed to drive productivity and collaboration, maximize operator effectiveness, and allow crews to keep broadcast success in clear sight at all times. 

Providing solutions to manage, control, route, and process real-time signals for mission-critical live operations, EVS can help you:
  • Cope with any format and resolution for quick and seamless playout p="">

  • Simplify your end-to-end operations through familiar control interfaces

  • Benefit from flexible resources and monitoring by exception

  • Achieve unprecedented openness for third-party vendor support

  • Increase agility and quickly roll out new channels

  • Build and manage a facility that is able to safely transition from SDI to IP

Our solutions at a glance

Built on market-leading production tools, our solutions allow complete control for smooth, efficient, and agile operations.

SDI/IP routing

MediaInfra Strada

SDI/IP routing solution compatible with all your legacy equipment while offering the foundations for a smooth transition to IP

Infrastructure management & processing


Smart infrastructure optimized for the daily needs of transmission centers and providing all the functions required for efficient operations:

  • SDI bridging including ANC data
  • Probing
  • SCTE triggers
  • Audio shuffling and multi-lingual workflows
  • Audio description
  • Dolby processing
  • Backup switching
  • IT security through IP firewall for playout
  • And many others

Advanced control & monitoring


Highly advanced and unified broadcast control and monitoring system, to centralize and streamline transmission operations

Monitoring walls


When it comes to speed and flexibility, there is nothing on the market to compare with our powerful, modular multiviewer that can handle up to 4K. Its probing features, the detection and display of black, freeze, silence, and ancillary data make 24x7 playout monitoring easy and efficient


Delay & compliance


Rich feature set to ingest, edit and archive video material while integrating the various production and compliance tools required for efficient tranmission operations

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“We now have dynamic flexibility in processing and monitoring various types of streams from ASI, IP compressed, SDI, IP uncompressed as well as various video flavors and audio formats.”

Simon Scott, Executive Head of Technology at Mediahub