Since our foundation in 1994, EVS has been synonymous with advanced replay technology.
Today, we are much more than that.

Over the years, we have expanded our portfolio to include a comprehensive suite of integrated solutions for content management, distribution, real-time processing, routing, multiviewing, and more!

This is not a replay

Challenging perceptions

Taking inspiration from René Magritte's iconic surrealist painting "Treachery of Images",  we invite you to look beyond the familiar and go deeper in your exploration of our portfolio of solutions. EVS is not just about replay; there is more than meets the eye!

Beyond replay
Discover our integrated solutions

Our solutions work seamlessly together, providing you with a unified ecosystem that enhances efficiency and performance.

  • LiveCeption

    Used for the live coverage of the biggest sporting events worldwide, our LiveCeption® solution offers unmatched speed, precision, and reliability for your live replays and highlights.

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  • MediaCeption

    Our MediaCeption® asset management solution offers swift content turnaround and fosters seamless collaboration between on-site and remote production teams. 

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  • MediaInfra

    Addressing broadcast control, real-time processing and routing needs in both SDI and IP environments, our MediaInfra solution ensures eamless operations while facilitating the transition to IP.

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  • MediaHub

    The MediaHub SaaS content distribution solution empowers rights-holders and digital media teams to easily access content through an on-demand portal. 

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  • PowerVision

    Certified by FIFA, our Xeebra® multi-camera review system is the go-to solution for critical decision-making in live sports. 

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"In essence, "This is not a replay" encapsulates our bold vision for the future — a future where boundaries are blurred, perceptions are shattered, and possibilities are limitless."

Serge Van Herck, CEO

A magical NAB Show 2024 with Levita

This year's NAB show was highlighted by our company's 30th anniversary celebrations and to mark this special occasion, we partnered with another Belgium-based company, Levita. Revisiting Magritte's masterpiece, Levita created a magical experience for visitors at our booth. Stay tuned for our next exciting collaboration with a renowned local artist!

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