Panasonic Kairos

Panasonic broadcast equipment is very well integrated in the EVS ecosystem

Almost all Panasonic devices from their professional broadcast equipment portfolio can be monitored and controlled by Cerebrum. Cerebrum can control:

  • The routing and tallies of the AV-HS450 and 7300 switchers
  • Full pan/tilt/zoom control, as well as changing all other parameters of the AW-line PTZ cameras
  • Control of the Cameras, groups, port selection and routing of the AW-RP50, 120 and 150 remote camera controllers
  • Power on/off TH-98/86/75/65/55/49 monitors
  • Basic device control (power, input, volume, etc.) of Panasonic compatible projectors using the PJLink protocol
  • Full control, configuration, routing and Tallies of the Kairos live production platform

Besides the many integrations in Cerebrum, MediaCeption offers instant access to Panasonic’s P2 cards, allowing users to browse and transfer content to the asset management solution of EVS. Also, our LiveCeption replay solutions fully support the Panasonic VariCam HS, AK-UC4000 and AK-HC5000 high speed cameras.

Visit the Panasonic Pro A/V website