Perfect Memory screens

Allow other teams to access and reuse your content

Tight integration between Perfect Memory's MAM system and EVS MediaCeption® for both ingest and export operations brings productivity to the next level in News environments.

MediaCeption feeds Perfect Memory’s MAM-as-a-brain solution in real-time, where the data is collected, collated, and transformed into actionable comprehensive information. Through the MAM interface, data added by a TV operator in the news production system becomes accessible and reusable by editors from other teams.

Fully integrated with EVS' video production workflows, Perfect Memory’s MAM-as-a-Brain solution allows you to process, enrich and search for content ingested and tagged by EVS MediaCeption. Perfect Memory helps archivists and journalists save time by auto-generating metadata. The powerful search engine allows you to swiftly find the exact sequence you were looking for.

Perfect memory workflow

Play, index and expoit EVS media assets with Perfect Memory's MAM

  • Video editors have access to more diverse and varied shots suggested by the MAM
  • The MAM is connected to EVS MediaCeption solutions for both ingest and export operations
  • Play, Index and Exploit EVS media assets within the MAM
  • Assets become accessible and reusable by other teams using an intuitive GUI

Key features of Perfect Memory

  • The intuitive interface gives you the power to retrieve and exploit any information you have access to without the help of IT specialists

  • Archives and fresh rushes in the same storage tool

  • At any time, you can save any selection within a media piece (video, audio) as a Moment, immediately searchable and retrievable.

  • Integrated Rights Management system that directly shows you the associated credential to an asset.

  • Fully customizable UI, depending on the application you need.