When it comes to low-latency, flexibility and ease of use, there is nothing that compares to Neuron View.

View’s unequalled low latency (20ms@50Hz and 16.7ms@59.94Hz), start-up times, and low power consumption makes it ideal for a wide range of multiview applications, from preview monitoring and shading in small OB-vans, to high resolution, high source count monitor walls for the largest live-production facilities.

With the intuitive on-board web-based graphical user interface you can change the layout of all outputs on the fly and in real time. You do not need a separate application to design your canvasses. With it you can save and load snapshots, change the scale and layout of each PIP, and configure which PIP displays which group of IP (-20, -30, and -40) streams.

Neuron View’s outputs can be configured as 8x FHD, 4x FHD + 1x UHD or 2x UHD ST2110-20 IP output streams. It can optionally be equipped with an SDI expansion board, enabling 3Gb/s and 12Gb/s SDI outputs besides the standard IP outputs.

It accepts up to 32 FHD, up to 8 UHD, or a mix of FHD and UHD ST2110 streams per board, which can all be displayed in two different sizes on any of that board’s outputs.

With Neuron View you also enjoy ultimate flexibility, since it is built on the same processing board as all other Neuron identities: Bridge, Convert, Compress, Protect and Shuffle. In other words, you only ever need one platform to cover all infrastructural challenges.


Download the Neuron View datasheet

Neuron view web ui
  • Standards supported: UHD (4 wire SQD/2Si or single wire 2SI), FHD Level-A, HD, SD ST2110-20 on 50Hz and 59.94Hz. (2160p, 1080p, 1080i and 720p)
  • Ability to receive 32 IP video (ST2110-20), audio (ST2110-30) and metadata (ST2110-40) inputs
  • Displays up to 64 PIPs of video with multiple tallies, UMDs and audio meters per PIP, divided over all outputs
  • 2 UHD heads, 8 FHD heads or 1 UHD head + 4 FHD heads on SDI and IP (ST2110-20)
  • Display a mix of asynchronous HD, FHD and UHD sources on FHD/ UHD displays simultaneously
  • High quality image processing and scaling
  • Ultra-low latency between input and output (20ms@50Hz and 16.7ms@59.94Hz)
  • Extremely low power consumption compared to CPU based multiviewers
  • Up to 256 channels of audio metering, freely assignable to PIPs
  • Audio Metering via adjustable VU scales
  • Up to 3 UMDs and 4 Tallies per PIP, controllable through TSL
  • Up to 32 Digital clocks and up/down counters
  • Colored borders
  • User definable backgrounds
  • 2x QSFP28 true 100Gb/s single MAC for all IP I/O
  • Transparency of VANC data to ST2110-40 in SDI and vice versa with possibility to shuffle
  • PTP Network timing with slave functionality on the Ethernet ports, compliant with SMPTE ST2059-2 (BMCA)
  • External black burst inputs
  • Possibility to output 2x Analog bi-level reference locked to PTP
  • Redundant IP signals in and out (double stream or ST2022-7)
  • Multicast and unicast configurable per stream
  • Stream and Ethernet port redundancy
  • Compatible protocols: ACPv2, DNS, IGMPv2, IGMPv3, LLDP, DHCP, SDP, NMOS IS04, NMOS IS04, 802.1as, ST2059-1/2, ST2110-20/30/31/40, TSL v5

Designed with IP technology, Neuron sets new standards in terms of performance and flexibility

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