Cerebrum is the software for Synapse products for configuration and setup applications. It is free of charge.

Within its clear, intuitive interface Cerebrum provides you with the tools to configure your Synapse workflow with speed and ease. Each module is represented by one, or more, graphical dialogue interfaces. These provide a clear idea of the function and signal flow within the module, and make clear what effect the setting has on the signal path.

You can save the configuration of a device as a template file, or to the clipboard, and quickly copy it to other selected modules in the workflow. Using Cerebrum’s Compare function, the settings and status a module of the same type can be compared, with any differences highlighted.

The partial or complete workflow configurations for a particular installation, program, or event, can be stored in a single file using Cerebrum’s Backup function. Using the Restore function, this file can be used to ensure that the workflow is in the same state at any future point: for example, when the same program/event is being recorded again.

If you want to use Cerebrum you can download it from the EVS download area, by clicking on the link below:

Download Cerebrum