The best of Xeebra® at a lower price

Xeebra® Essential makes professional video assistant referee (VAR) technology more accessible to sports with limited budget allocation. As its name suggests, the package combines all the essential features of Xeebra® into a lighter, more affordable offering which is ideal for sporting events using up to 8 camera inputs.

EVS Xeebra
Main features
  • Multicamera review system for live game officials
  • Flexible design that can adapt to any sport
  • Multi-angle and dynamic layout browsing
  • Reactive and simple UI with touch control
  • EVS controller for accurate browsing control (frame by frame)
  • Quick and easy to deploy system 
Optional features
  • Support of Super Motion camera viewing 
  • AI-driven calibration of the soccer field (FIFA certified VOL)
Xeebra® Essential in soccer

Responding to FIFA’s VAR “Light” initiative

The creation of our Xeebra® Essential package is a direct response to FIFA’s plan to introduce a VAR “Light” concept, in order to democratize and broaden the use of the technology. By adapting our initial offering, we are helping to improve the decision-making and fairness of the beautiful game for all competition sizes.

FIFA-certified offside line at lower cost

Because offside situations represent the majority of VAR calls, Xeebra®’s AI-driven offside line can be bundled with the Xeebra® Essential package at an attractive price. Certified by FIFA’s Quality Programme for Virtual Offside Lines (VOL), our innovative technology is used to automatically calibrate the field of play and overlay a virtual offside line with the highest level of precision.

EVS Xeebra - Cycling
Xeebra® Essential in other sports

The use of Xeebra® goes beyond soccer. The system’s flexible design allows it to be deployed in many other sports that require professional live officiating. Through our Xeebra® Essential package, we are allowing even more disciplines to benefit from the reliability and speed of our field-proven video assistant referee technology.

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