The only way up is XT-VIA
With today's increasingly complex technological landscape, creating high-quality viewing experiences can be a challenge, and you may feel your current servers are holding you back.

Offering exceptional performance and versatility with high channel density, wide format support, and IP connectivity, XT-VIA is the most trusted server for any production environment. And with our limited-time offer, there's no better time to make the transition!

Discover our limited-time XT-VIA upgrade offer

Reach new heights in live storytelling with XT-VIA

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XT-VIA is the most powerful production server on the market. It is also the key to unlocking the exceptional replay capabilities brought by our LiveCeption Signature solution. 

Discover our limited-time XT-VIA upgrade offer

  • Enjoy faster operations for creating replays and highlights through the completely redesigned UX of the LSM-VIA replay system
  • Get faster access and increased visibility of all the content on EVS' high-speed network 
  • Allow your teams to work from anywhere thanks to IP connectivity
  • Choose to add super slow-motion content from any camera angle in seconds
  • Tap into the EVS VIA ecosystem where EVS products, services, and 3rd parties come together to offer best-of-breed solutions
  • Benefit from new ODA licensing opportunities for greater flexibility and a better control of your costs
Reach new heights in live storytelling with XT-VIA
Don't wait to make the switch! 

Attention: Support for XT3 will end in December 2023.

Although upgrading your server is an important decision, it's crucial to acknowledge the limitations you might encounter as technology advances. By switching to XT-VIA, you'll not only benefit from greater performance and flexibility, but you'll also continue to receive our 24/7 support. 

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