• 14 June 2021
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Expert views - NVP Italy

Interview with Ivan Pintabona and Marco Micciché, NVP Italy

As the first service provider in Europe to embrace EVS’ new XtraMotion super slow-motion service, NVP is consolidating its position as a leading innovator in the market. We’ve caught up with Ivan Pintabona, NVP’s CTO, and Marco Micciché, NVP’s Head Content Manager, who give us some insight into their XtraMotion experience and explain how the cloud-based service is enhancing its offering. 

Officially launched in May 2021, EVS’ XtraMotion has already been making waves within the industry, due to its ability to create smooth super slow-motion images from any camera angle on a production using the power of artificial intelligence. Leading broadcast services company NVP has embraced the innovative service, as a way to enhance storytelling through a new approach to production.  “What's great about XtraMotion is that it gives you the opportunity to convert any point of view - according and proportionally to the camera speed - in a high-speed replay, and this, without any need for a specific hardware” Ivan Pintabona explains. “And because it is cloud-based, XtraMotion can be deployed on-demand, meaning no heavy upfront investments are required.”

"XtraMotion is a great storytelling tool that inspires broadcasters and boosts their creativity, and we are proud to be one of the first users"

Marco Micciché, Head Content Manager at NVP
Ferrari challenge

Along with US network FOX Sports, NVP was one of the first to see XtraMotion’s potential. “We conducted tests in March 2021 during the Ferrari Challenge for the finals in Misano, which produced amazing results.  We are now using it for all Ferrari Challenge races and will do the same for the upcoming 2021 Canoe Slalom World Cup as well. XtraMotion is a great storytelling tool that inspires broadcasters and boosts their creativity, and we are proud to be one of the first users” says Marco Micciché. 

NVP has also begun testing XtraMotion on football (soccer) productions and is eager to use it on many other future productions. “The demand for XtraMotion is increasing, as the service really has a clear impact on the final outcome. XtraMotion is ideal for the coverage of events on racetracks and other productions that require the use of specialty cameras, as it gives us the ability to create high-speed replays from angles you’ve never seen before” adds Ivan.

"The demand for XtraMotion is increasing, as the service really has a clear impact on the final outcome"

Ivan Pintabona, CTO at NVP

When asked if they plan to add more services like XtraMotion to their offering in the future, Ivan replies: “There's real potential for cloud technologies in OB environments as they allow for the highest level of flexibility. Looking forward, it's likely we’ll see more custom-built technical infrastructures that no longer require the installation of a dedicated position within the truck.”  

“Our company has been working for a long time on cloud-based services and on interconnected infrastructures (both local and remote) in order to offer our customers the possibility to deploy remote workflows, reducing resources on site without compromising on the quality of the production”, he adds.

XtraMotion is one of several other innovative services that NVP is working on. When it comes to creating compelling content with the flexibility required in todays and tomorrow’s productions, the cloud-based service is proving to be a great asset: “This is an innovative and amazing project that will enhance the TV production with Supermotion and Hypermotion replays from different shooting angles. The images it delivers are truly spectacular!” Marco concludes.

NVP OB van
About NVP

NVP is a leading provider of production facilities and services based in Italy.  Founded in 2007, the company has become a key player in the European broadcast industry, thanks to its long-lasting experience in the delivery of Outside Production Services and the support of its varied and highly qualified team members. Innovation has always been at the heart of the company’s business strategy.  Driven by its forward-thinking mindset, NVP has achieved many goals over the years, including becoming the first service provider in Italy (and among the first in Europe) to invest in UHD technology. NVP’s activities are conducted from 4 locations across Italy, in Milan, Rome, Naples and San Piero Patti. Its OB van fleet assures high-quality productions for some of the largest and most demanding media organisations all around the world.

To learn more about NVP, visit https://www.nvp.it/