Training details

  • Product Cerebrum
  • Category Control, monitoring, routing & orchestration

1.5 days (or 3 sessions of 4h each)


English (other languages on request)

Course objectives

This course is meant for engineers that have attended the Cerebrum Basic training. This course focusses on how to use, configure and design Cerebrum to integrate and combine various studio-equipment into a coherent operational system. Learn how to use Cerebrum to integrate and combine devices in a Studio-setup. Learn how to map several customer requirements to the applicable Cerebrum functionality.

Target group

Broadcast service engineers / GUI-designers


Cerebrum Basic Training. Knowledge about commissioning devices in Cerebrum. Good knowledge about studio setups and how various devices interact. Good knowledge about requirements studio’s on operational level. Local installation of Cerebrum with enabled demo-mode license.  

Course content

User will be asked for their preference regarding the focus of the Advanced training.

  • Designer:
    • Tools and included object templates
    • Variable types
    • Passing information to/from sub-panels
    • Expressions
    • Functions
    • Event details
    • Action Details
      • Conditional Actions
    • Loops
  • Usage of Auto-Category objects:
    • Routemaster -> Categories
    • Hardware panels & GUI-panels configuration
    • Auto-category control template objects        
  • Usage of SNMP:
    • Severities
    • Templates
    • Traps            
  • User Management:
    • GUI-assignment
    • User-rights
    • Kiosk mode       
  • Control Interfaces
    • Mapping to levels and devices

Together we will create some exercises that help understanding the approach of Cerebrum towards controlling and monitoring a studio setup containing several devices

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