Training details

  • Product Epsio FX
  • Category Live Replay & Storytelling

1/2 day


English (other languages on request)

Course objectives

This course provides the operator with a complete system overview of the Epsio FX application, a detailed description of the operation of the system and its setup.

Target group

Experienced LSM operator, highlights operator


Some experience with the XT server and a minimum knowledge of computer systems would be an advantage.  

Course content
  • Introduction and presentation:
    • Aim of the application
    • Description of the context of use
    • Presentation of the system’s components
  • Wiring Diagram and description of the system’s connections (LSM Connect, Epsio and EVS server)
  • Start up, configuration and operational check of the system
  • Description of the effects’ selection and management
  • Presentation of the user interface
  • Description of the different operation modes:
    • Applying an effect to a playlist element/transition
      • To a single element/transition
      • To multiple elements/transitions
      • To all elements/transitions
    • Removing effects from elements/transitions (single, multiple or all elements/transitions)
  • Practical exercises on the different subjects
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