Training details

  • Product IPD-VIA/XS-NEO
  • Category Asset & workflow management

1 day


English (other languages on request)

Course objectives

This course provides the operator with an introduction to the MediaCeption Prime solution, a global overview of its different components and a detailed description of its operations to create, manage ingests and transfer media to other destinations for repurposing needs such as post-production. Basic monitoring information and basic operational setting information will also be explained in order to enable the ingest operator to monitor and optimize his workflow.

Target group

Ingest operators, media managers and other operators in charge of the ingest part of the workflow.


A good understanding of broadcast industry and workflows.  

Course content

1. Course introduction and presentation of the training program 

2. MediaCeption Prime solution introduction 

  • Presentation of the solution and its main components 

  • Description of the XS-NEO video server’s key features 

  • Presentation of IPD-VIA  

  • Design and architecture 

  • Presentation of the IPD-VIA Apps’ user interfaces, widgets and customizable layouts 

  • Introduction to the VIA Apps and workflow design possibilities  

3. Detailed description of the different applications and their functionalities 

  • IPD-VIA Ingest for ingest management 

  • Introduction to the IPD-VIA Ingest application 

  • Detailed description of the user interface 

  • Creation and edition of recording sessions 

  • Description of the configuration possibilities of the Ingest application 

  • IPD-VIA Record for preparation and creation of recording session 

  • Introduction to the IPD-VIA Record application 

  • Detailed description of the user interface 

  • Creation and edition of recording sessions: create, edit, monitor, remove recording sessions 

4. Operational settings and configuration 

    Presentation of the operational settings and configuration for different production needs. 

  • User settings 

  • Metadata concepts (data structures, tags and metadata profiles) 

  • Workflows (workflows, tasks and targets) 

  • Infrastructure resources (storage and servers) 

5. Description of some monitoring tools 

  • Description of some basic monitoring possibilities through the VIA Trace and Pulse Apps. 

  • Presentation of the different monitoring interfaces in the platform console for IPD-VIA and XS-NEO. 

6. Hands-On/Practical exercises 

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