Training details

  • Product LSM-XT
  • Category Live Replay & Storytelling

2 days


English (other languages on request)

Course objectives

This course provides the operator with a complete system overview of the LSM-XT series servers, the basics in the operation of the system in a Sport Replay workflow as well as some advanced options

Target group

Replay operators, editors, any operator willing to perform replays in a live sports production environment


Basic multicamera broadcast knowledge is recommended

Course content
  • 1. Presentation and overview of the system Hardware & Software
  • 2. Presentation of the different control modes (PGM/PRV mode, Multi PGM mode)
  • 3. Basic operation of the system using the remote panel or VGA screen:
          • Replay & Slomo: record trains navigation and playback principles
          • Clip Management:
              > Clip hierarchy/organization on the server
              > How to use preferred cameras
              > Clip operations: trimming, copying, moving, deleting clips
              > Operational settings related to the clip management operations
          • Playlist Management:
              > Creating and editing playlists
              > Playout functions and possibilities
              > Operational settings related to the playlist management operations
  • 4. Description of Network operations
          • XNet network topology
          • Browsing content on another system of the network
          • Searching, pushing and pulling media over the network
  • 5. Description of the Setup menu and parameters involved in the basic operations
  • 6. Presentation of the LSM Connect for clips and playlists management
  • 7. Practical exercises on the different subjects
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