Training details

  • Product Xeebra
  • Category Video Assistance

2 days 


English (other languages on request)

Course objectives

This course provides the operator with a complete operational description of Xeebra video refereeing system. After the training, the operators will understand the context of use of the system, the role they play in the VAR process and how to contribute by operating the system to provide an efficient review.

Target group

VAR Replay operators.


Having a good knowledge of the rules of the games and the protocol issued by the sport’s governing body.  

Course content
  • Introduction, presentation and overview of the system architecture (Hardware & Software)
  • Description of the different components and their role:
         • System description, features and capabilities
         • System architecture (hardware and software) and setup
  • Description of the context of use, principles and protocols
         • Context and specific setup
         • Role of different actors in the review process
         • Protocol: principles of video assistance, reviewable decisions and procedures
         • Review process and underlying concepts (check/review, …)
  • Detailed description about the role of the Replay Operator
         • Pre-match setup and presets
         • Operations for On Field Review
         • Creation and export of events: for review and export purposes including recommendations for clip 
    naming and numbering to facilitate the exchange of clips for training purposes
  • Detailed description of Xeebra operations
         • Start up of the system and operational check
         • Configuration of the Xeebra application, user interface and user settings
         • Viewing, browsing and replaying camera feeds
         • Offside line mode description and calibration
         • Creation and management of events
  • Practical session with exercises based on real life situations including the different types of events that can be encountered
         • Best practices for the different reviewable incidents
         • Exercises based on real life situations including the different types of events that can be encountered (red card, goal, penalty and mistaken identity)
         • Presentation of the setup used for training purposes and description of the ways to operate (training simulator – if applicable)


  • It is highly recommended that the training takes place before VAR training starts for referees
  • The training when organized on site will be conducted with the use of a training simulator and 
    appropriate training footage
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