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  • Product Multiple products
  • Category Workflows

4 days



Course objectives

This course aims to give an overview on the different EVS products involved in a tapeless workflow (Sports/News/Entertainment) including the integration with third party NLE systems (such as Avid, Adobe or Apple FCP). It provides the participants with a complete overview of the hardware and software involved, a description of the software installation and its configuration. It also provides an operational overview and a description of some generic workflows.

Target group

Technical Managers and Engineers.


A minimum knowledge of computer systems and a basic knowledge of networks are mandatory.  

Course content

The complete training program has a duration of 4 days. It is however possible to attend only a part of it for a reduced price (e.g. only the servers part or only the IPDirector part). If this should be the case, do not hesitate to come back to us ( for more details.

XT Series Servers Technical Training incl. LSM Operational Overview

  • Introduction and presentation of the server (XT3, XT4K, XT-VIA)
  • Description of servers main specifications (Video bitrate, recording capacity, interpolation)
  • Hardware description (Backplane connections, audio board, video and reference boards, raid controller boards, PC board)
  • XNet Network (connection with or without XHub, Setup conditions)
  • GigE Network (connections, Jumboframe, setup flow examples)
  • Start up of the system and operational check of the different connections
  • Software description (EVS main menu, maintenance menu)
  • Software installation and upgrade
  • SNMP Management of the server / XNet monitoring

XFile Overview

  • XFile introduction and general description
  • Start up of the application and definition of the system parameters - system configuration
  • Description of the Session Configuration window and its different tabs
  • Description of the different modes (Autobackup, Backup, Restore, Publish and Maintenance mode)
  • Presentation and description of the XStream application and its interface (Scheduler and the Quickstart modes)

IPDirector Technical Training incl. IPDirector Operational Overview

  • IPDirector General description
  • Basic operations of IPDirectors different applications
  • Generic Workflow presentation
  • Overview of the Hardware components
  • Description of the possible connections with EVS Servers (Server IPDP Mode, LSM Mode, inter-connection via Ethernet, EVS Servers Network, integration of multiple IPDirector workstations in a XT/XS Network)
  • Description of the EVSserver configuration and setup for the use with IPDirector
  • Software installation and configuration (Remote installer, database configuration, routing service configuration, network configuration, SyncroDB configuration, IPDirector configuration, target configuration, nearline management, etc.)
  • Description of the User Manager (definition of users and group of users, ownership of elements, resources, visibility, user profiles)
  • Introduction to the integration principles (XTAccess)

Integration principles - XTAccess/Xsquare

  • Presentation of the integration principles (purpose, components needed, XTAccess, Xsquare)
  • Configuration (overview of the hardware components, software installation & upgrade)
  • Integration with NLEs (Avid, Adobe and Apple Final Cut Pro) system


Price (VAT excl. if applicable)

850 EUR 

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