Stats Perform Sports Data Feeds Opta

Find the best shots swiftly using Opta Data metadata feeds

Opta Sports Data Feeds provided by Stats Perform are used to support EVS MediaCeption workflows by enriching assets with metadata (logs, keywords and tags) and providing faster and easier access to live production content.

As the amount of content required in sports production keeps rising, it becomes very challenging to find the right shot for a promo, highlight, or any edit without rich metadata to describe it. The possibility to find the right content swiftly and use it during live productions is directly linked to metadata describing the content.

Metadata can be created manually using metadata profiles and manual logging tools from MediaCeption Signature. However, Stats Perform is specialized in the creation and distribution of rich data feeds describing players, their performance and action on the field or on the court. MediaCeption Signature allows production teams to import and leverage these data feeds with a general description, contextual keywords, lineups, timecoded logs and comments.

The flexible data model of MediaCeption Signature, as well as its import tools and APIs make it very straightforward to import Stats Performa Opta Data feeds, or automatically sub-clip video feeds, for a variety of sports, languages and competitions. This enables creative teams to find the best shots and tell their stories much more swiftly.

Stats Perform Metadata gathering

Use Stats Perform metadata feeds to search, edit and auto clip

  • Stats Perform Opta Data feeds generated metadata (events TC-based, logs) are pushed to EVS' MediaCeption solution
  • Opta Data metadata and logs can be used to search across the asset management database for editing, clipping or triggering specific workflows (e.g. auto-clipping)
  • Opta logsheets can be associated to live ingest streams or file imports into EVS MediaCeption
  • Various integrations are possible to ensure the final data model and workflow meet the customers’ requests such as XML imports, APIs or professional services or custom developments

Key features of Stats Perform Opta Data Feeds

  • Stats Perform’s data feeds cover a huge number of competitions from all around the world.

  • Opta Data is recorded in real time, analyzed and distributed using a bespoke system, providing data quickly, reliably and securely to customers.

  • Offering data feeds from live text commentaries, to historical data, to season-to-date cumulative stats.

  • Data feeds contain thousands of individual data points, including location coordinates for every on-ball event.