Teradici remote login screen

Remote access, anyplace, anytime

Virtualized applications and remote productions require efficient ways to access to desktop applications over low bandwidth and unmanaged networks.

The combination of Teradici’s Cloud Access suite with EVS' MediaCeption solutions give operators the flexibility to access EVS applications, anytime, anywhere.

Teradici’s Cloud Access suite, enabled by their PCoIP protocol, give the possibility to the operators to access applications running on EVS servers or on dedicated workstations, whatever the location they are working from.

Cloud Access agent is installed on the EVS virtual machine to enable PC over IP access. Cloud Access software is used on the client station to access the VM remotely. Cloud Access agent uses a license which can be stored on the Teradici Cloud License server.

EVS MediaCeption solutions

Access all MediaCeption applications

  • Remote access to MediaCeption Virtual Machines and workstation desktops
  • Local resource redirection via e.g. ShuttlePro
  • Efficient remote access on low bandwidth network connections
  • Cloud Access licenses sold in association with EVS servers

Key features of Teradici Cloud Access

  • Keep content and data secure

  • GPU acceleration (Cloud Access Plus) for stations hosting GPU

  • Keep users productive everywhere and anywhere

  • Remote interactive collaboration