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Enrich MediaCeption with cloud services and virtualization

EVS's MediaCeption solutions are designed for Production Centers that need to centrally manage their live & near-live production assets from anywhere, including flexible and reliable live production server functionalities.

Harnessing the PAM power of EVS, with a leading enterprise Media Asset Management solution like Vidispine from Arvato Systems, enriches our MediaCeption solutions with cloud services, virtualization, data center & remote editing capabilities. Their wide range of tools also include connections to NRCS, Rights management, scheduling systems, ad sales and rating & forecast systems.

It will help Production Centers to face some of their main challenges: produce more/better content, faster, from anywhere, for more linear channels & distribution platforms than ever before – in a unified & collaborative environment.

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Harness our PAM solution with a leading enterprise MAM solution

  • Vidispine controls EVS’s production servers and media workflow management systems
  • All live production metadata, clips and logs, are pushed from EVS’s PAM solution to Vidispine to enrich the MAM database
  • Use Vidispine’s wide range of tools, such as advertisements & copyright management, with MediaCeption
  • Benefit from automated workflows which provide full control over all processes - from ingest to distribution

Key features of Vidispine MAM

  • VidiCore API at the core of a fully customizable framework, designed to address any MAM system functionality in a media supply chain.

  • Custom metadata model architecture enabling any level of data-driven workflow capacity

  • Use VidiNet as “Your own customizable Media Supply Chain as a Service", granting access to a marketplace with new cloud-native apps, services and systems.

  • Full cost transparency and start/stop services to manage your associated costs for the different workflows

  • Seamless integration to any local storage using a Vidispine application that allows for media files uploads from any local storage thus enabling a hybrid cloud system