Training details

  • Product XS Series Servers
  • Category Live Production Servers

1 day


English (other languages on request)

Course objectives

This advanced course is for engineers with on-the-field broadcasting experience that need to extend their understanding and expertise on EVS servers’ technology.  Participants will be given an overview of the product (hardware and software) and detailed explanations on installation and configuration possibilities. The training will also cover support procedures, monitoring possibilities and basic troubleshooting matters to enable the engineers to follow-up issues and deliver Tier 2 support

Target group

Technical managers and broadcast engineers with EVS experience


Have attended the XT & XS-VIA Servers – Tier 1 – Technical Training and have relevant experience in a technical support function

Course content
  • Introduction and presentation of the servers (key features, main specifications, differences between servers’ families, solution introduction)

  • Hardware description
         • Advanced reliability features
         • Circuit boards overview
         • Back panel overview
         • General internal wiring
         • Description of the different boards and connectivity for video, audio, network, multiviewer, …
         • XNet, XNet-VIA network and XHub-VIA network switch description
         • Server cooling description

  • Server Operation and Software description
         • Starting up the server
         • Multicam setup menu description

  • Server Configuration
         • Explanation of the Configuration window
         • Detailed description of the Configuration tabs (server, Channels, network, monitoring, protocols, GPI, operation, Dual LSM)

  • XHub-VIA v2
         • Description of the specifications for XNet-VIA
         • Description of the specifications for LiveIP

  • LiveIP Configuration (optional in function of the customer’s needs)
         • Description of the Configuration screen for LiveIP
         • Description of the LiveIP settings

  • Diagnostics and basic troubleshooting
         • Description of the XNet Monitor/XNet Web Monitor monitoring possibilities
         • Description of the Server and SDTI Network monitoring possibilities in the Multicam software
         • Description of the debug screens
         • Description of basic media transfer troubleshooting possibilities

  • Description of Support procedures

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