YEPCO laptop

Live access to all metadata for your content in IPDirector

Live news and entertainment typically need efficient and fast paced production, often driven by a single operator.

EVS and YEPCO have joined forces to create a unique integration, providing automated highlights clips and logsheets creation for a fast turnaround to your Sport live and post- production, with the ability to keep and manage metadata (logs, keywords, players, seasons, and tags) alongside to your assets, enhancing your EVS MediaCeption Signature® Workflows. We understand the power of data for digital content for whatever your business, concept, or platform.

YEPCO metadata management suite has all what you need to be able to automatically get instant access to the best highlights, to always find your contents wherever they are stored and personalized your clips for every Fan engagement, to combine data from multiple sources into a single unified structured database. Each web-based tool is easy-to-use and let you seamlessly produce, under any condition with speed and efficiency more outputs with the same resources.

YEPCO relieves users from technical operations and workflows by providing tools to ease storytelling and enabling fast content delivery to all your distribution channels.

Yepco Search

Automatically and in Realtime

  • Automatically create logsheets with players names, keywords, rating and logs information in IPDirector Live PAM Suite
  • Automatic game highlight sequence or clip creation for live and post-production
  • A sports data feed connector for IPDirector Live PAM Suite
  • Support major play-by-play and analytics data feeds from providers StatsPerform, SportRadar, OBS, Sportec Solutions, DeltaTre, SportsInteractive and more
  • Sports and Reality TV production workflow can be automated even further
  • Support remote asset and sequence preparation and real-time and remote collaboration

Key features of YEPCO Metadata Suite

  • Automatically create game highlights and Logsheets, shortening the turnaround time

  • Sports-optimized search: find the right content with a few clicks. Easy to learn and to use

  • Metadata Hub: combine data from multiple sources

  • Access anywhere for fast turnaround and collaborative workflows