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More than just a milestone, our 30th anniversary is a testament to years of growth, accomplishments, and cherished memories we share with our community.

From our loyal customers and dedicated partners to our passionate employees and technology users worldwide, your trust and support have been the cornerstone of our success over the past three decades. Thank you for being part of our journey, here's to many more milestones and memories together!


1994 Creation of EVS broadcast Equipment SA.

EVS Broadcast Equipment S.A. was established in February 1994 in Liège, Belgium. Our early years were marked by pioneering work to develop equipment for the digital recording of pictures on hard disks (disk recorder). This groundbreaking technology laid the foundation for the first-ever replay system based on a digital platform, forever changing the landscape of live video production.

1996 Breakthrough in Atlanta

Our team developed a super digital hard disk recorder in partnership with Panasonic, who released the first Super Motion camera (capturing three times more pictures than a traditional camera) for a major sporting event in Atlanta. A move that helped establish EVS’ reputation at an international level.

1996 Going global

In the period between 1996 and 1999, we established our first regional offices in key locations such as the USA, France, Italy, and the UK. This enabled us to extend our reach beyond Belgium, fostering partnerships, facilitating market outreach, and delivering our technology to a broader spectrum of customers. Today, EVS counts over 20 customer support offices and 5 development centers worldwide.

1998 Trigger for widespread adoption of EVS technology

The use of EVS technology at a major competition allowed France to make a mark in live sports broadcasting. The deployment of 60 LSM and super LSM replay systems helped deliver an exceptional viewing experience to audiences worldwide and highlighted the substantial advancements of tapeless workflows over analog tape-based ones. This triggered a widespread adoption of EVS systems, establishing them as the industry standard for high-quality live event coverage.

1998 Listing on Euronext Brussels

In October 1998, EVS took a significant step by becoming publicly listed on the Euronext Brussels Stock exchange, raising EUR 7.4 million in funds - an amount used to fuel our expansion efforts and enable the recruitment of top-tier talent.

EVS 25th listing anniversary

2002 First HD mobile truck

A prominent EVS customer launched the first High-Definition Mobile Truck in the US, equipped with the first HD XT production server.  This innovation not only set a new benchmark in live production but also played a pivotal role in catalyzing the transition from Standard Definition (SD) to High Definition (HD) television on a global scale.

2003 Pioneering news editing

In 2003, we launched our first timeline news editing solution. Specifically designed for broadcast studios, it streamlined the process by eliminating file transfers and rendering. This solution empowered journalists and editors with unmatched speed, precision, and flexibility, marking a significant shift in how news stories were crafted.

Solutions for news production

2005 Introducing content management capabilities

Our IPDirector content management suite made its debut at prestigious events like the Little League World Series and the Tennis US Open. Enabling users to easily ingest, log, manage, search, track, edit, create clips and highlights, browse and instantly play out any video or audio content, the introduction of IPDirector reflects our commitment to advancing our technology beyond replays.

Solutions for sports production

2006 Mega productions make use of the EVS media server

At a major Winter competition and soccer championship that year, EVS implemented its first media server, a cluster of XT production servers located at the International Broadcast Center, and connected together with the XNet media sharing network. This breakthrough allowed content rights owners to seamlessly navigate and retrieve recorded content from the various venues, facilitating efficient content distribution and enhancing the overall broadcasting experience.

2007 Powering entertainment

Reinforcing our integration with post-production systems, we continued to expand our presence in the TV entertainment market, leaving an indelible mark on TV series as well as events including the Red Carpet, Montreux Jazz Festival, and iconic awards ceremonies like the Golden Globes and Festival de Cannes. 

Solutions for entertainment production

2010 Centralized content management

At IBC that year, EVS showcased its Media Archive Director, a content management system that allows instant media access and the delivery of content on multiple platforms with a central management interface. The Media Archive Director offers a set of software tools to manage all platforms of the workflows centrally, including their formats, and allows for intelligent media browsing based on metadata and logging. With Media Archive Director, users can ingest clips or media from any source to any networked point and directly archive new content with totally centralized management.

2013 New strategy / New branding

EVS announced a new strategy focused on four key markets: Sports, Entertainment, News and Media and introduced a revamped visual identity and a strengthened internal organization support this change.

2015 New headquarters

Spanning 23,000 m2 and nestled within the Liège Science Park, the new building not only provided an enhanced work environment for our team members but also highlighted our commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency.

2017 Entering the VAR market

Diversifying our portfolio, we introduced the Xeebra multi-review system, leveraging our expertise to enhance officiating standards in various sports disciplines. This system has since earned esteemed FIFA certifications for its AI-based offside line technology and Video Assistant Referee (VAR), establishing EVS as a reliable technology partner for football leagues, clubs, and broadcast service providers worldwide.

Learn more about Xeebra

2020 Acquisition of Axon technologies

In 2020, EVS achieved its most significant strategic acquisition to date with the incorporation of leading broadcast and media network infrastructure specialist, Axon. This milestone further expanded our capabilities with the introduction of trusted media infrastructure technology, facilitating our customers' seamless transition from SDI to IP.

2020 New replay experience

Another important milestone in 2020 was the launch of our iconic LSM-VIA. Developed in collaboration with our operator community, this new replay system is designed to offer unparalleled speed and reactivity, setting a new standard for live-event coverage and enhancing the viewer experience. With its launch coinciding with the COVID-19 outbreak, the IP-based system played a pivotal role in accelerating remote operations.

Learn more about LSM-VIA

2021 First routing solution

We unveiled our first routing solution, MediaInfra Strada, merging the trusted technology inherited from our recent acquisition, Axon, with Arista switches. This innovative solution which seamlessly blends SDI and IP capabilities, underscores the success of integrating Axon products into our portfolio while offering a flexible routing solution for our customers.

Learn more about MediaInfra Strada

2022 Foundations for our ESG strategy

Our sustainability journey took an exciting turn with the formation of an ‘ESG Core Team’ guiding the implementation of ESG best practices and policies, the release of our first sustainability report, and the appointment of a Belgian freediving champion as our ESG ambassador to further amplify our message! These initiatives laid the groundwork for an ESG strategy that integrates environmental, social, and governance considerations into our daily operations and decision-making processes.

Sustainability at EVS

2023 Introduction of VIA MAP at IBC

The unveiling of VIA MAP at the IBC 2023 show marked a significant step forward in our offering, with the emergence of an ecosystem of solutions.  This media asset platform seamlessly connects live content creation and production with distribution and monetization, empowering our customers with unprecedented efficiency and flexibility.

Learn more about VIA MAP

2023 Expanding AI capabilities

The Innovation Lab at EVS continues its pioneering work in AI applied to broadcast operations. The technology becomes seamlessly integrated into various solutions, enabling efficient content search functionalities within our MediaHub content exchange and distribution solution, as well as elevating the creative process through the generation of special effects during live replays.

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2024 EVS turns 30!

EVS has come a long way since its official launch in 1994. Three decades later, we’re more than ready to celebrate this exciting journey with those of you who have been part of this remarkable journey! EVS Family & Friends, Together for Live!

Testimonials from our community
Discover the stories that have defined our journey. Hear firsthand accounts that highlight the meaningful connections we've made over the past three decades. 
  • "30 years of innovation, partners, and friendship. These are the values we at Amber Technology rely on in our relationship with EVS, from the humble beginnings at the little shop in Liège to the purpose-built building of today. There have been many adventures along the way, but at the core of each project there is always the knowledge that we as a team will complete what we have started."

    Peter Amos, Managing Director at Amber Technology

  • "When EVS first launched its revolutionary video servers in the UK market, Timeline built its operations around these innovative new machines. Since then, our two companies have grown tremendously hand-in-hand. Major milestones such as EVS' acquisition of Axon has meant that EVS products now comprise a significant portion of the equipment we utilize daily and has only strengthened our ties"

    David Harnett-Holmes, Head of Operations at Timeline Television Ltd.

  • "EVS' replay solution unlocked this adrenaline-filled portal that is simultaneously challenging, gratifying, and highly addictive.  It's delivered more than I could conceptualize in my wildest dreams, by revolutionizing not only my life but the lives of those I love."

    Brady Jones IV, EVS operator, USA

  • "One thing that impresses me here at EVS is the attitude of all team members. There's a sense of company loyalty, mixed with bona fide dedication and enthusiasm. Also, there is always something challenging happening and every day is filled with new learning opportunities and excitements."

    Evita Won, Area Sales Manager, APAC at EVS

  • "30 years is no small feat, especially in a fast-paced industry, where change and adaptation are essential. EVS has risen, and held the line to dominate the arena time and time again. It even has its brand as a job title. To call oneself an EVS operator holds prestige, and a whole heap of “you better know what you are doing”. Those 3 letters represent the heartbeat, the engine room, the workhorse, the family, the dedication, the commitment that is… EVS."

    Josh Symon, EVS operator and ambassador

  • "I jumped into the EVS world back in 2005 with BOB (Beijing Olympic Broadcasting Service). As the technical coordinator for Chinese OB vans joining the games, I convinced local TV stations that using EVS for slow-motion production was the way to go. Since then, EVS has become the gold standard for Chinese OB vans."

    Michael Liu, CEO of Magic Motion, CEO of Guanhua Shengiia  

  • "We've had the privilege of collaborating with EVS for over a decade, and we're truly impressed by the customer-centric nature of our partnership which has proven its ability to provide a dependable and swift workflow for highlight editing."

    Michael Gamböck, Principal Partner Manager Video at Adobe

  • "We have been doing business with EVS for over 25 years. Thanks to its unique and unrivaled technology, coupled with our strong partnership, our business has been still growing in Japan. We hope our journey with EVS will continue heading towards an even greater future."

    Takashi Takimizu, CEO at Photron.,LTD

  • "BBTV-7 purchased the first ever EVS server sold in Thailand in the 90s and I have been using it on all our sports productions ever since. Today we use XT-GOs which fit well our requirements. The most important reason we use EVS is its reliability which has been a key feature with all our servers we have purchased since day one."

    Chonnathan Suriwong, Head of Production, BBTV-7 Thailand

  • "It’s incredible to witness all the milestones archived by EVS for the last 30 years! We treasure the successful collaboration between us delivering top-class technology for broadcasting and new media productions in China. Once Again, our heartfelt congratulations on this great achievement!"

    Daniel C.K. Fung, Chairman and CEO, NDT Group

  • "EVS has been supporting my freediving journey for two years now, and in my role as their ESG ambassador, I also have a platform to address topics that are close to my heart - from advocating environmental protection, to encouraging girls' and women's participation in sports. I've personally witnessed the impactful projects EVS has initiated, and I’m looking forward to seeing more in the future!"

    Marine Simonis, Champion freediver & EVS ESG ambassador

  • "There is an awesome festive spirit at EVS. It's like being part of something special where everyone's in it together, helping each other and our customers. The work environment? Absolutely amazing. I’ve loved every moment, learning heaps and making real impacts alongside fantastic people. Super thankful for the ride and all the cool stuff we've done together."

    Christophe Wittevrongel, Senior Solutions Manager at EVS

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Thank you for 30 years
Together, let's continue to push boundaries, inspire creativity, and shape the future of broadcasting and media production. 

Join us in celebrating this special milestone! Whether you're a customer, partner, or user of our technology, we want to hear from you. Share your memories, testimonials, photos, or anything else that captures your connection to EVS. You can also share your stories on social media using #EVS30

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