Training details

  • Product Cerebrum
  • Category Infrastructure

1 day (or 2 sessions of 4 hours each) 


English (other languages on request)

Course objectives

This course is aimed at broadcast service engineers that are new to Cerebrum. It provides a complete overview of Cerebrum Control & Monitoring Software capabilities and a detailed description of its operation. The course focusses on “what” Cerebrum can do and will use some basic exercises to reveal the approach of Cerebrum towards controlling and monitoring connected studio-equipment. It will prepare the engineer to perform Tier 1 support tasks. 

Target group

Broadcast service engineers that have to deliver Tier 1 support activities.

Training Format

Classroom or remote training (ILT)  

  • Basic broadcast knowledge 

  • Cerebrum Go online training (register here to access it) 

  • Local installation of Cerebrum with enabled demo-mode license 

Course content

The Cerebrum Basic training course contains the following sections: 

  • Follow-up on Cerebrum Go training 

          • Review of the introductory concepts of Cerebrum  
          • Q&A about possible questions related to Cerebrum Go program 

  • Explanations of the different varieties of Cerebrum (single server, redundant server, distributed setup)  

  • Detailed explanations of the user interface: how to navigate through it and use it to configure a broadcast environment 

  • Description of the license models/SLA and how they can impact Cerebrum work environment 

  • Explanations of basic user management (e.g. permissions / credentials / groups) 

  • Detailed explanations of Cerebrum features like routemaster, categories, salvos, tielines, etc. 

  • Explanations about the way to apply support procedures related to Cerebrum (version numbers, screenshots, extract logs, make backups, …) 

Practical exercises can be proposed to the participants: e.g. how to collect log files, version number, any kind of info relevant for the creation of support tickets. 

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