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Capital, Shareholding And Ownership Statements


EVS capital is currently represented by 13,625,000 shares. EVS shares (ISIN BE0003820371) are quoted continuously on EURONEXT Brussels. The EVS IPO onto the first Brussels stock market took place in 1998. In June 2005, the nominal value of the shares was divided by 5.

EVS shares are dematerialized since December 15, 2011. As a consequence, as from December 15, 2011, the securities in bearer form issued by the company which would not have yet been registered on a securities account will automatically be converted in book-entry securities as of December 15, 2011 (ISIN code: BE0003820371). For any further information, contact Euroclear Belgium at: info_EuroclearBelgium@euroclear.com (Tel: + 32 2 702 55 30 / + 32 2 702 54 13).

Authorized capital procedure (article 7 of the bylaws)

As per decision of the Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting of December 2017, the Board of Directors is authorised to increase the nominal capital  in one or several steps with a maximum amount of EUR 1,600,000, excluding the share premium. The authorization is given for 5 years.


Current situation as it appears from the last official ownership statements received by the company and the current situation of treasury shares and warrants :

Situation at December 7, 2018, as per the most recent ownership statements

  Number of shares % Statutory - incl. treasury shares
  Basic (1) Fully Diluted (2)
Michel Counson 835,906 6.1% 6.1%
Treasury shares 143,188 1.1% 1.1%
Degroof Petercam Asset Management 436,746 3.2% 3.2%
Norges Bank 484,128 3.6% 3.5%
Schroders Plc 681,021 5.0% 4.9%
Evertz Technologies 424,936 3.1% 3.1%
Unidentified 10,619,075 78.3% 77.3%
Total 13,625,000 100%  
Total excl. Treasury shares 13,481,812    
Outstanding warrants 183,500   1.3%
Total statutory - fully diluted 13,808,500   100.0%
Total IFRS - fully diluted 13,665,312    

(1) As % of the number of suscribed shares, including the treasury shares.
(2) As % of the number of suscribed shares, including the outstanding warrants and the treasury shares.


Ownership Statements

The shareholding percentage must be computed on the base of the denominator.

Situation as of December 7, 2018:

Number of outstanding ordinary shares : 13,625,000

Number of outstanding warrants (each warrant entitles the holder to purchase from EVS one existing ordinary share bought back previously by EVS in the market): 183,500

Total number of voting rights (= denominator) : 13,625,000

Shareholders must declare their ownership in EVS shares as soon as their shareholding passes over/under the 3% threshold (required by Company Statutes) and any multiple of 5% thresholds (required by Belgian Law).
Notifications of important shareholdings to be made according to the Law of May 2, 2007 and the EVS's bylaws, should be sent to corpcom@evs.com, or per fax (+32 4 361 7089).

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