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Ingest. Manage. Create

This content management system provides instant access to and efficient control of EVS server live video content.



IPDirector is a content management system that allows you to start small and scale to a large-scale production operations.  With the power of a central database and search engine, IPDirector enables your production team with access to the best content.  Through a series of modules and client applications, IPDirector provides flexible and expandable production tools for every user, and was built to meets the demands of live production.


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Ingest & Playout Control

Built on the reliability of the EVS Live Production servers, IPDirector brings a flexible user interface and multi-user access controls to a larger team of operations throughout the production center.  With the ability to schedule ingests or create ad-hoc media from the perpetual loop recording engine, ingest becomes reliable. No longer worry about your playback when the reactivity of EVS playback servers is controlled by IPDirector’s playout and 3rd party integrations.

Modular Design with floating licenses

IPDirector is built to adapt to your needs.  Built on a central database,  it allows you to exceed today’s productions or scale to tomorrow’s business requirements.  Through a series of floating licences, you can easily add user workstations and integrated plugins for your editors to access content and participate in production decisions.

BPM & Workflow managed ingest

The save costs and time, live productions require users to make rapid decisions, but deciding which technical hardware will execute a task is not one of them.  Using the integrated capabilities of Ingest Funnel and XSquare , IPDirector lets your productions users stay focused on the content, and not on the technical workflows tasks.

Metadata & Logging

When dealing with Live content, a simple media label will not suffice.  IPDirector allows your facility to implement flexible metadata profiles that fit your business, and give you control and searchability of the content flowing through it.  When the demands of Live sports and news take hold, integrated logging functions and allow a user to search by human entered data, or bring external data to the content itself.

Browsing tools for every member

Users no longer want to walk to a production control room to review content, today’s productions demand content to come to them.  IPDirector is built with a host of browsing interfaces that can bring content access to producers on an IPDirector hardware workstation, on their own desktop, inside their editing application, or even to offsite users working from home.


  • Windows OS based user applications
  • Floating license modules
  • Integrated Hardware Workstations
    • IPD3-2D - high performance 3U workstation
    • IPD1-3S - high performance 1U workstation
  • IPDirector Application & Browsing Tools (Windows 7 32 bits or 64 bits)
  • IPWeb Client (Firefox Web Browser)
  • Central Database (SQL Server 2008, Windows Server 2008, Elasticsearch DB)
  • IPLink Integrated plug-in for NLE Editors (MAC-OS, WINDOWS OS)
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