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Live PAM Suite

The IPDirector content management suite features dynamic applications for live media content browsing, control, edit and playout, relying on a central database. With its open, modular architecture, IPDirector can be adapted to any production environment and allows for easy integration and media exchange with any third-party system. Each interface is easy-to-use, guaranteeing fast and efficient content turnaround.

Core Benefits

  • Intuitive interfaces

    IPDirector’s intuitive interfaces give you the ability to quickly find the content that you need, and easily organize your clips, even in the middle of the most demanding live productions.

  • Scalable solutions

    IPDirector lets you easily add ingest and playout channels for your production with an infrastructure that can stack and scale at the pace of your business.

  • Work from anywhere

    IPDirector is extendable with editorial web tools like IPWeb, an HTML5 web app that gives users instant access to content – no matter where they are.

  • Flexible logging functions

    When dealing with live content, simple media labels don’t suffice. IPDirector allows your team to implement flexible metadata profiles and timecoded annotations that fit your editorial needs and your content.

  • Reach a broader audience through social media

    The new Publish Add-On enabled by VIA Flow allows you to easily publish single or multiple clips and playlists to social media platforms such as Facebook, generating extra revenue as well as increased engagement time.

  • Complete collaboration

    IPDirector provides access to content, incoming feeds and multi-site contribution for more efficient collaboration amongst production teams.

Key Features

Multiple camera ingest

Instant review

Rough cut editing

Clip transfer and streaming to craft editor and storage

Highlights import form craft editors

Graphics import from graphical devices

Online storage and nearline storage control

Instant clip review

Playout control

Digital publishing

Multifeed ingest & files import

Metadata management

Network control (high/low resolution)

Transfer/streaming to post-production

Quick program fixing

Fill & key

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