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View every synchronized angle to make the right call.

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Xeebra server
Xeebra server
Xeebra server


With Xeebra, referees can review plays with the utmost clarity and convenience. Using an intuitive touchscreen, you can narrow views from 16 to 4, 2, or full screen as needed to review every angle in detail - quickly, efficiently and in complete synchronization – providing everything needed to make the right call. From the touchscreen or a dedicated controller on the scoring table, users can pilot dynamic layout browsing, instantly zoom directly into the replay with a touch and zoom, and mark and label the most important situations for review and export later.

Xeebra’s client/server architecture guarantees the most flexibility and scalability and allows you to leave the server equipment where it belongs and let referees sit where they prefer.

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Easy to learn in minutes

Xeebra is so simple to operate that even a non-technical person can easily/comfortably operate it after only a few minutes of training, using a dedicated controller and touchscreen or mouse and keyboard.

Always review in sync

With a flexible client interface allowing multiple screens for display, content is always synchronized, enabling browsing of up to 16 HD cameras. Narrow your review from all 16 screens down to one/full screen through simple touches including side-by-side zoom or zoom inside a single camera.

Officiate from anywhere in the venue

Your video referees prefer to be seated closer to the action, rather than in a technical room? Xeebra’s client/server architecture allows you to leave the server equipment where it belongs and let the referee sit where he/she prefers. The only connectivity needed is a single GigE link.

Take your reviewed situations with you

Reviewed situations are valuable for post-game analysis. Officials have the ability to define the content to take away from the match situations and export a situation report with metadata, in a convenient consumable format. Xeebra gives you confidence during and after the game or match takes place.

Stack to grow

Xeebra architecture is flexible. Its scalable design adapts to every sport, and allows you to start small with a single server, and add more as you need to expand.


  • 2U Xeebra Server
    • Redundant Power Supply
    • Input Card (8 SDI inputs - SD/HD (720p/1080i))
    • RAID storage for a basic capacity of 32 hours of storage (4 hours/camera) with possibility to extend to 64 hours (8 hours/camera)
  • 1U Xeebra Client Hardware
  • Xeebra Client Software
    • Option for Native on Xeebra Server
    • bundled with the 1U Client
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