EVS as a value company


EVS is a strong brand known across the world for its technology leadership and its reliability in providing live video technology for broadcast and new media productions. Our passion and purpose are to help our customers craft compelling stories that trigger the highest return on emotions.

As a value company, we consider shareholders to be key stakeholders and strive for a performance that constantly delivers a return on investment.  With a transparent and robust dividend policy, we want to build lasting value for our shareholders. Even in 2020, despite very challenging market conditions, we remained profitable and managed to deliver a dividend for our shareholders, while many other companies were ruling out any such prospects.

Since the PLAYForward strategy was launched in 2020, EVS has made steady and measurable progress by rationalizing the portfolio and expanding the company’s footprint in the market through solutions and the acquisition of Axon. As a result, we have significantly enhanced our capacity to deliver strong operational performance.


As part of the strategic roadmap, EVS is now launching the “switch to growth” mode in 2022.

Leveraging the opportunities linked to the ongoing modernization of broadcast centers and the traction of our solutions in both EVS’ traditional segment and the new area of Media Infrastructure addressed thanks to acquisition of Axon in 2020, we intend to increase our revenues and profits over the coming years.

In addition to our organic growth ambitions, we also aim to continue to implement our M&A strategy as to broaden the scope of our offerings. The first objective here is to achieve even greater market relevance and the second, obviously, is to make a net contribution to our bottom line.

Our dividend policy is thus balanced between steady growth of the immediate return-on-investment for our shareholders and investment in mid-term dividend growth.

The vast majority of our products and solutions are available with various business models, including subscription-based options. Even though COVID-19 has increased the appetite of some customers for such business models, we don’t expect any significant impact on our revenues and profitability in the next year as recognized revenues are spread over several years. On the contrary, we consider these new models more as an opportunity for generating additional revenues.

Also central to our strategy is our focus on corporate sustainability. We have a long-term commitment to the environment, our team members and the communities in which we operate. We constantly practice and demonstrate this commitment through various initiatives that create an impact for the wider world.


Why invest in EVS?


  • Strong leadership position in selected markets
  • Premium reputation based on the reliability of its products and services
  • Sound financial results with a strong balance sheet (net cash position)
  • Growing installed base with strong customer loyalty
  • Gradual adoption of new business models (software and services)
  • Strong corporate sustainability ambition, fully embedded in our corporate strategy roadmap
  • Consistent dividend policy

In an attempt to ensure the market and investors better grasp the journey of EVS, please find here an introductory presentation that allows the reader to understand the vision and the ambition of EVS as well as the strategy. It also depicts the market EVS operates in and its dynamics