Convert is a multi-channel video and audio processor developed for low-latency and high-bandwidth IP and/or SDI-based infrastructures. Depending on the version and active base-licenses, Convert Hybrid is capable of processing up to 16 Full HD signals, or up to 4x UHD signals, and transport them over redundant (-7) IP streams or SDI I/O.

A Neuron Convert can perform many video and audio processing functions. Depending on the active licenses it can perform framesyncing, audio and VANC de-embedding, video offset delay, up/down/cross conversion with high quality deinterlacers, UHD remapping, HDR convertion, color correction, VANC and audio embedding and audio gain/phase/delay functionality . Combining four FHD paths will offer UHD processing. Virtually any baseband signal can be processed, from SD all the way up to UHD.


Download the Neuron Convert datasheet

Neuron Convert BLK
  • Standards supported: UHD-SDI (12G single wire or four-wire in 4 Quadrants or 2SI), 3G-SDI level A, HD-SDI, ST2022-6/7 and ST2110-20/30/31/40
  • Up to 24 IP video, audio and ancillary data talkers and listeners with the Convert IP configuration, and Up to 16 IP video, audio and ancillary data listeners and talkers with the Convert Hybrid configuration
  • Up to 16 channels of bridging SDI to/from Ethernet with the Convert Hybrid configuration (requires SDI expansion board)
  • frame-sync to local clock on external ref (B&B or ST2059)
  • Either down conversion or up/down/cross conversion with high quality 5-field de-interlacers
  • HDR conversion, (adaptive or LUT-based)
  • UHD remapping (SQD from/to 2SI, 4 wire from/to 1 wire)
  • 16 channel audio de-embedding per processing path
  • 16 channel audio embedding per processing path
  • Proc-amp for RGB, YCrCb and RGB-Black gains and black and white clip
  • Individual audio channel gain/phase and audio stream offset delay
  • Mono channel audio matrix
  • Up to 4x64 channels MADI IO
  • Up to 8 Dolby E encoders and 8 Dolby E decoders
  • Clean switch and fast switch capabilities between all inputs (IP and/or SDI)
  • Each SDI or IP input can be used as a back-up signal for an SDI or IP output
  • Redundant IP signals in and out (double stream or ST2022-7)
  • Transparency of VANC data to ST2110-40 in SDI capable configurations
  • PTP Network timing with slave functionality, compliant with SMPTE ST2059-2 External black burst inputs
  • Audio synchronization
  • 2x Analog bi-level reference out
  • Multicast and unicast selectable per streams
  • Selectable VLAN and priority per stream
  • Compatible protocols: ACPv2, DNS, IGMPv2, IGMPv3, LLDP, HDCP, SDP, NMOS IS04, NMOS IS-05, 802.1as, ST2059-1/2, ST2022-6/7, ST2110-20/30/31/40

Designed with IP technology, Neuron sets new standards in terms of performance and flexibility

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