The Protect identities guarantee and safeguard signals coming in and going out of facilities and interconnections between venues. The Protect Firewall can be used as a bi-directional IP Firewall for complete isolation between facilities. The Protect Failover is a dual-card solution. 2 Protect Failovers together will act as multi-channel integrity checking failover switches and firewalls in one, ideally suited for handover/playout center applications.

Using all modern ST2022 and ST2110 encapsulation standards, the Protect Failover is optionally also capable of bridging up to 16x 3Gb/s or 4x 12Gb/s SDI signals to redundant 100G Ethernet I/O. Besides bridging, there is also the option to do low latency up/down/cross conversion. The Protect Failover can have up to 4 UHD processing paths (= 16 Full HD). Depending on the active licenses, these processing paths include framesyncs, audio and VANC de-embedders, Audio/video/VANC probes, video offset delay, up/down/cross converters, UHD remapping, color correcting proc amps, VANC and audio embedders and audio gain/phase/delay functionality. The fail-over switches, controlled by the probes, are at the end of the processing paths. Two of these cards are interconnected via 4 SFP+ connections. These connections do not use Ethernet as a transport layer but our own TDM bus. You can use a Direct Attached Copper wire (DAC) or a fiber connection if the frames are more than 1m (3ft) apart. This application gives you full redundant probing and 100% IP isolation.

The Protect Firewall can have up to 8 UHD processing paths (= 32 Full HD). These processing paths include framesyncs, audio and VANC de-embedders (incoming signal paths), video offset delay, color correcting proc amps, VANC and audio embedders (outgoing signal paths), audio gain/phase/delay functionality and UHD remapping.


Download the Neuron Protect datasheet

All Protect variations
  • Supports asynchronous inputs
  • Video Standards supported: UHD (single wire 2Si, 4 wire SQD/2Si), FHD Level-A, HD, SD, ST2022 and ST2110 on 50Hz and 59.94Hz
  • UHD remapping (gearboxing) of single wire to four-wire SQD/2SI and vice versa
  • Frame-syncs to local clock on external ref (B&B or ST2059) on each processing path, with tracking audio delay
  • Audio de-embedding and embedding
  • Individual audio channel gain and phase, and audio stream delay (optional)
  • True IP isolation using both 100Gb/s single MAC QSFP’s. What comes in on QSFP 1, goes out on QSFP 2 and vice versa
  • Protect Failover Probing functions: SDI carrier detect, TRS validation, ANC checksum validation, video content freeze detection with ROI, video content black detection with ROI, VANC WST and OP47 presence detection, Timecode availability, audio channel detection, Audio silence detection, Audio Clip/5 sample full-scale indication
  • The Protect Failover can clean switch between local signals and signals coming from another similar card via the TDM bus links on the 4 SFP+ connections
  • In the Protect Failover an extensive probing matrix allows adjustment of individual classes of importance of the channels next to the main and backup channels
  • The Protect Failover can bridge up to 16 channels SDI channels to/from IP (ST2022-6 or 2110-20/30) (optional)
  • Protect Failover can perform up/down/cross conversion from and to a maximum of 16x 1080p or 4x 2160p (optional)
  • Clean audio switch-over through V fade
  • Redundancy in IP signals: Each SDI or IP input can be used as a back-up signal for an SDI or IP output. A single SDI or IP input can be replicated to 2 IP outputs for creating identical stream (port replication)
  • PTP Network timing with slave functionality on the Ethernet ports, compliant with SMPTE ST2059-2
  • External black burst inputs and 2x Analog bi-level reference out
  • Multicast and Unicast selectable per streams
  • Selectable VLAN and priority per stream
  • Compatible protocols: ACPv2, DNS, IGMPv2, IGMPv3, LLDP, DHCP, SDP, NMOS IS04, NMOS IS05, 802.1as, ST2059-1/2, ST2022-6/7, ST2110-20/30/31/40

Designed with IP technology, Neuron sets new standards in terms of performance and flexibility

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