• Peace of mind

    It is a heavy-load-tested and field-proven network component which supports continuous high bandwidth streams without having to worry about it.

  • Plug-N-Play

    Easy and quick deployment without any complex configurations or settings. Added XT/XS-VIA server are automatically discovered (XNet-VIA mode).

  • Speed

    Supports high-speed, high-bandwidth 100GbE QSFP28 connectivity to the Live IP Fabric (Live IP mode) or to interconnect other XHub-VIAs (XNet-VIA mode).

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XHub-VIA connector side

XHub-VIA is a 19” 1RU network hub which manages all your XT-VIA and XS-VIA network connectivity. It can serve 2 purposes:

  1. Connecting all XT/XS-VIA servers to add them to the same XNet-VIA internal network
  2. Aggregate the 10Gbps connections from one XT/XS-VIA server into 2 (redundant) 100Gbps Live IP links

One XHub-VIA can be either used in XNet-VIA mode or in Live IP mode. It does not support both applications at the same time.


XHub-VIA connector side
  • 24x 1/10 Gbps SFP+ ports
  • 6x 40/100 Gbps QSFP28 ports
  • 1x 1Gbps management port
  • Redundant and hot swappable power supplies
  • Front to rear air flow
  • Configurable to function as IP-aggregator (Live IP mode) or as Xnet-VIA hub (XNet-VIA mode)
  • Add full raster UHD in 50 and 59.94 Hz + ST2022-7 (Live IP mode)
  • Compatible with XT-VIA and XS-VIA