• 25 August 2022
  • EVS.com
Felix Möller
Meeting Felix Möller, esports replay operator

When Felix first laid his hands on an EVS LSM replay system in 2013, a career choice was instantly made. For several years, he combined his studies with freelance work as an EVS operator for ‘classic’ TV productions, primarily sports and other kinds of live shows. He landed his first esports job in 2018, on the production of the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) tournament in PyeongChang which took place ahead of the Olympic Winter Games. After obtaining his M.A. in Digital Business Management in 2020, Felix went on to become a full-time EVS replay and highlights operator involved in all kinds of esports events around the world, mostly CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive).  

We had the pleasure to catch up with Felix at IEM Cologne’s Cathedral of Counter-Strike in July this year. Watch our Q&A to find out how he has built his dream career by combining his passion for EVS and for gaming!

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