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Increasingly present on sporting events worldwide, LSM-VIA, our new replay and highlights system, introduces a completely new way of contributing to live productions. With its powerful toolset, IP connectivity, and new workflow possibilities, LSM-VIA lets you tell better stories, faster.

On this page, you will find all sorts of helpful documentation and videos you can refer to as you get up to speed on the new system. 

EVS LSM-VIA | The New Replay Experience
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Access our latest documentation and tutorials to get the most out of the new system. 


    Discover the LSM-VIA live replay and highlights system through this animated tutorial

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  • LSM-VIA 1.7 - New Release Training

    Discover what's new in the latest LSM-VIA release, the 1.7 version.

    What's new


    Download the full user manual of LSM-VIA live replay and highlights system

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Online videos

Our LSM-VIA ambassadors introduce you to the new replay experience

Watch our series of instructional videos to understand the system's core functionalities

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EVS LSM-VIA | The New Replay Experience
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