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Introducing Lyve Mobile

The launch of Lyve™ Mobile from Seagate® represents a true shift in the way mobile storage is used. This ‘Storage as a Service’ enables customers to subscribe to storage capacity, without having to invest in expensive hardware. Seagate will ship all the required components to reach that capacity when it is required. Once the event or the production is finished, the customer will ship the components back to Seagate.

Using Lyve™ Mobile as external storage with your LiveCeption Signature® solution means getting the best out of your setup, since post-production doesn’t have to wait long before receiving content. Real-time traffic means lower production costs and if you use the dedicated connection between the rack mount and XFile3®, you can reach higher bandwidth than what you’re used to with a USB connection.

Seagate Lyve Shuttle and Lyve Mobile Array have been tested with different XFile3 versions to ensure compatibility.

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Advantages of Lyve mobile storage for XFile3

  • Fast, reliable, and secure way of transporting content and metadata from a LiveCeption environment to post-production or archive
  • Expand your content storage capacity on demand, without investing in expensive equipment
  • Secure encrypted file transfers from XFile3 to Lyve™ Mobile Array or Lyve™ Shuttle
  • Validated solution, ensuring compatibility at the maximum reachable performance levels of each XFile3 platform
  • Through the integration with XFile3 any content ingested or imported from EVS production servers can be transfered to Lyve Mobile from Seagate on demand storage devices.

Key features of Lyve Mobile from Seagate

  • On demand cost-effective data transfers, delivered as a service.

  • Scale up or down as your data transfer requirements evolve.

  • Deploy storage in the field and capture data at the source.

  • Fast and secure mass data movement.

Visit the Lyve Mobile website
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